Artie Lange Shocks Audiences on His Late Night Direct TV Show!

Artie Lange Shocks Audiences on His Late Night Direct TV Show!


Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 12.26.39 PMOne of the brightest and funniest men in comedy today is also a man with a complex emotional history and troubled past. Artie Lange, everyone’s favorite big man, has starred in ELF and Californication but has recently become more famous for his time spent on the Howard Stern Show and his subsequent suicide attempt.

Recently, fans of the funny man rejoiced when he teamed up with Nick DiPaolo and Direct TV. The result was a sports/comedy talk show (The Nick & Artie Show) that was both entertaining and funny. Aired on both radio and TV, DiPaolo soon exited the team, leaving Artie as the only, yet capable, host. Remaining was the entire production staff and co-hosts, including the beloved Mike Bocchetti.

Artie’s expansive knowledge of sports and his genuine enthusiasm with which he greeted each guest made DePaolo’s departure bearable and fans settled in for the new ARTIE LANGE SHOW. Any misgivings that Artie could handle the solo seat were quelled after an exciting and star-studded remote Superbowl broadcast was held in The Big Easy. In the city of sin, the premises Direct built as a temporary studio was lavish and ground-breaking and Artie was king of the microphone. But all good things must come to an end, and the Artie Lange show returned to its home in New York.

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This is when things get interesting. Last night, Direct aired the latest ARTIE LANGE SHOW in which the former addict/host appeared confused, tired, dazed and generally out-of-it. His ramblings were mostly Non sequitur and people familiar to the studio or visiting began to sport the look of panic. Claiming he was sick from the glasses of milk he had just consumed, as the show went on Lange’s eyes began to roll back into his head and he began to nod off.

Capable co-hosts began to pick up the slack, talking more and asking questions of guests while feverishly trying to keep Lange on-track. It was mostly to no avail. Before long, Lange was mentioning that someone in the business had arranged for him to have threesomes with prostitutes (several times). He began singing DMX in a drunken frat-boy fashion while everyone in the studio nervously smiled.

Much to the dismay of TVFishbowl, Direct aired the disaster again, seemingly not bothered by Lange’s performance or the speculation it would generate. Before long, twitter was abuzz with observations that something was wrong with Lange, who kept claiming that the milk was the cause of his odd behavior. One could almost sense the disappointment of an entire fan base, who does little else than root-for and wish the best for Lange each time he appears.

Lange has several upcoming comedy performances scheduled. USA, LLC
  • jason

    I was wondering if i was the only one who thought artie was out of it last night. As a former opiate addict myself i admire artie for overcoming so much but am dissapointed by the ”relapse”. This is the only case where i hope someone had food poisoning from milka and fluffer-nutter. I wish him the best

    • Honnie Badger

      Jason, I so admire that you are clean. It takes extraoardinary strength to beat an addiction. Blessings for your continued success and health!

  • Me!

    Wishing him the best too!

  • John

    …and, he’s a no show this week. Or, is this a planned vaca?

  • me

    Sunday artie was in vegas…now no show? Worried

  • Me!

    hi everyone the bosses of the artie lange show are in la we will be back on monday feb 23 we have been shooting stuff all this week

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