Bethenny Frankel’s Boyfriend A Womanizing Egomaniac

Bethenny Frankel’s Boyfriend A Womanizing Egomaniac


Bethenny FrankelLooks like Bethenny Frankel has hooked herself a winner, not only was he once accused of rape, it seems Michael Cerussi’s friends have labeled him a womanizing egomaniac!

According to a reports Michael’s mother just loves her some Bethenny, guess she has never watched Bethenny Ever After!

“I am so happy for them, and everything is going well,” said Mac’s mom Kathryn.

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Meanwhile, Mac’s friends say all he cares about is going out partying three or four times a week and is in the gym six days a week according to his friends.  “All he cares about is wild parties and seducing women,” said the friend.  Welp, it looks like Bethenny is going to be another notch in his bedpost.   

Bethenny and Mac were first spotted together in Miami over the New Year holiday.   Friends of Mac tell Star Magazine that they’ve nicknamed him American Psycho, because his lifestyle resembles that of Christian Bale’s womanizing egomaniac character in the film.

What’s the over under on the success of Bethenny’s new relationship?  Can two egomaniacs make it work? USA, LLC
  • 4theHighHeels_4theRawDeals

    Barfenny is not going to attract any sane man–she already fooled one on national television. Karma isn’t done with this bitch–she’s got boatloads for how she has used and abused just about everyone in her life.

    I’m so glad Jason is hanging tough on in it for the long haul. Because he sees in Barfenny and Barfenny’s mother what poor little Bryn could turn into–and thank God he and his lovely parents are doing their best to see that doesn’t happen.

    So, a rapist, womanizing, egomaniac douche-bag. They say everyone has their match.

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