Big Brother 16: Devin Shepherd Quit Pro Baseball or Released Under Suspicious...

Big Brother 16: Devin Shepherd Quit Pro Baseball or Released Under Suspicious Circumstance

Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS

There seems to be some question about Big Brother 16’s Devin Shepherd.  Reading his profile and listening to pre-season interviews Shepherd claims that he quit playing professional baseball to care for his daughter.  A quick internet search reveals he was actually released from the St. Louis Cardinal on July 20, 2010.

Photo Credit: Perfect Game
Photo Credit: Perfect Game

Shepherd was first drafted in 2006 by the Minnesota Twins at the age of 18, he did not sign with the team.  Two years later in 2008, Shepherd was drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals, whats interesting is that Devin didn’t play during the 2009 baseball season due to “family matters,” spending the entire season on the restricted list.  Another website ( lists Shepherd as “suspended” for the 2009 season.  You can see Shepherd’s full career stats here.

On Friday’s Big Brother live feeds at about 11:52am BBT, Shepherd admitted to being convicted at age 22 of driving under the influence, stating to Donny that if he is pulled over with any alcohol in his system until he’s 32, he’s toast.

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Shepherd also admitted that he didn’t voluntarily leave pro-baseball, but instead was sent to rehab by the St. Louis Cardinal and released from the team one week before his was set to move to from the rehab facility to a sober living facility.  If I remember the conversation correctly there was also mention of Devin being overly aggressive.  Shepherd went on to say that a number of other players in a similar situation were let go.  For the non-sports fan out there, Major League Baseball suspended 13 players in August 2013, Alex Rodriquez one of the most recognizable names, was suspended for the remainder of the 2013 season and the full 2014 season, while others like Nelson Cruz of the Texas Rangers, Everth Cabrera of the San Diego Padres, and Jhonny Peralta of the Detroit Tigers received up to a 50 game suspension.  They all had a connection to the South Florida anti-aging clinic Biogenesis which has been known to supply athletes with prohibited performance-enhancing substances, including testosterone and human growth hormone.

When we’re talking about sports, aggression and a stay in rehab, the first drug of choice among athletes  that comes to mind is either cocaine or steroids both cause aggression.  Now, we’re not saying Devin used steroids or cocaine, but all the signs are pointing us in this direction.  For those of you who might be saying I’ve never seen any aggressive actions from Devin, it was stated several times on the live feeds Friday that Devin blew up a few times Thursday night over the bed situation and him eating too much.  He did have one small confrontation with Christine Thursday night too.

Thanks to Scott (@BigBrothrGossip) from, who provided the background info on the A-Rod scandal and a few of the links found in the article.

So what do you think, did Big Brother 16’s Devin Shepherd quit professional baseball or was he released under suspicious circumstances?  Sound off in the comments with your thoughts.

Update: 7:04pm PT

Well, Well, Well what do you know, it appears old Big Brother 16 houseguest Devin Shepherd has a history of being kicked off baseball teams.  Back in 2007 Shepherd was kicked off an Oklahoma college baseball team: [Thanks to our internet sleuth tipster for the link.]

Outfielder Devin Shepherd, a fifth-round pick by the Minnesota Twins in last year’s draft, was dismissed from Oklahoma’s baseball team on Friday night.

Oklahoma coach Sunny Golloway announced Shepherd’s dismissal in a statement before the Sooners played at Missouri.

“It became clear that the situation was not going to work for either party,” Golloway said. “We wish him nothing but the best in his future endeavors. At this point, we are focused on finishing the regular season in a strong way.” [Source]

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  • Vixzen

    Obviously Devin has taken some HGH or steroids in the past. The pictures prove this. You can tell this by his “robotic” jaw line. Also, steroid users have no calf mucsle definition, its all in his upper body. Clearly you can see extreme transition from his baseball photo. Keep in mind it has been several years. However, his mental breakdowns and demeanor are tell tale signs that he is not just taking over the counter supplements. Time will tell. All natural Caleb should ask about his regiment.

    • Todd

      Vixzen, you have no idea what you are talking about. It’s not ‘obvious’. You can see he was less defined/not as big but that doesn’t mean he’s on HGH or steroids. Maybe it means he works out and he’s not extremely huge. He’s an athlete and is more prone to get built quicker due to genetics.

      You have no idea, stop speculating because that’s all you are doing and you have no real proof. Also, to look at Caleb and say he’s all natural is just as ridiculous. He might not be.

      • Anonymous

        He injects testosterone. Told me so himself. This is not speculation. It is fact.

        • Todd

          Well anonymous, if that’s true (and I’ll take your internet word for it with no proof), that’s still not HGH or steroids. It’s test. Test is not steroids or HGH. Now, would that make more sense? Sure. But again, your indication that he takes test strengthens my point further that he’s an athlete, in good shape, but not ‘roid’ big.

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