Breaking News: Sin City Rules Canceled

Breaking News: Sin City Rules Canceled


SCROur sources are reporting tonight that TLC executives have pulled the plug on Sin City Rules. TLC’s attempt to jump on the Real Housewives bandwagon didn’t go quite as planned. It seems the five Las Vegas women, their lives and relationships, wasn’t enough to WOW viewers. TVFishBowl has reached out to the VP of the show via email and phone and are awaiting confirmation. USA, LLC
  • Alrac


  • Patticakes

    I did watch a few episodes but was not impressed. Oh well….

  • Bobbi

    Well, if that’s true , I’m bummed! I love Sin City Rules! Can’t they just lose the idiots, Lana & Amy? Seriously, Amy is garbage, and Nice scars on those silly fake boobs!! Next time try photoshop before you beg a website to publish your pix!

  • Uriel

    I AM PISSED!!! I loved the show! It was just getting good ): Lana said she is working on her own show though(:

    • Hannah

      Wow we have comments from her relatives Carla and Mary the must have so much time on there hands, constantly going to website to put down Amy…… One word for you ladies is jealous! Seriously can’t you find something better to do with your time? What nasty ladies

      • bitemehannahwendy

        Hey hannah, it’s their, not there.
        You spell just like wendy. Oops!
        Jealous? That’s what wendy and amy say. Oops!
        Time on their, there, sic, hands? That’s what wendy and amy say. Oops!

  • sagevyaram

    Thank you Jesus!

  • Rhonda

    I like the show, just not Lana. She seems to be determined to everything that is radical or out of the orm – too much! The little people, weapons of mass destruction, body guards, raw meat, drinking blood and monkey just leave me feeling I’m watching my own home videos. Lana you tried too hard and took a potentially good show down with you. Shame on he producers for giving this freak so much air time.

    • Rhonda

      Sorry for spelling, typing with small phone keypad.

  • Claire parker

    I am bummed because I knew the girls on the show!

  • Sara Faella

    DARN!! I loved this show!!!!! 🙁 why?!!?!?!?!!!?? Lori was my fave and I agree it was just getting good!!

  • Hannah

    Typo……….Amy Hanley not Amy Henley tsk tsk…. I loved the show and want to see more of the real star of the show Amy Hanley!! I say bravo TV Amy on rholv

  • Lee Banks

    TLC really didn’t need a whiney so called Entertainment Reporter cast in the first place-Didn’t like her from the first minute -There’s nothing wrong with truly being a strong woman who can read a person in 2 seconds so yes I’m a Lana Fuchs Fan 100 percent.
    TLC makes a show about a spoiled honey boo boo child and Amish fleeing to NYC but can’t give a Las Vegas Reality show a chance-What A Joke!

    • Melody


  • Melody

    This show rocked!!! I’m super bummed! It is entertainment, who cares if she thinks she’s God. Honey Boo Bear doesn’t!?!? TLC makes no sense. I live in Pacific Palisades and it made me imagine what women here would be like. I wish it would return!

  • Denise

    Wow …. I’m a bit miffed they cancelled the show? Especially since they left off with a “to be continued” episode? (Truce Nite) ….. how are we to ever know what happens?

    Anyway … I enjoyed the episodes even as ridiculous as they were and the dramatics of most of these “people” (other than Jenn … at least she seems somewhat normal) ….

    I’m a HUGE vegas fan … been there a billion times and would LOVE to live there so I really enjoyed seeing all the sites not to mention the lavish homes these people live in…..

    Anyway … if anyone knows when or where the final episodes will air please let us know!!

  • Jess

    Amy is the one who caused all the drama between Lana and Alicia. Lana told Amy what she thought of Alicia. Amy takes it upon herself to go and tell Alicia what Lana said about her…. You can’t tell Amy anything… Do not like Amy or Alicia…(Alicia, life is too short to hold a grudge…. you should have just taken the apology and moved on….) Love Lana…. Sad to see the show gone…

  • GD

    Look, I’m a fan of several of the Real Housewives shows on Bravo and wondered why they didn’t do one from Las Vegas. Now I know. Sin City Rules looked like a cheap knockoff of The Real Housewives. All the women on it were pretty uninteresting with not much of a life to showcase. They all looked rode hard and put away wet, with way too much makeup and cleavage. I live in Las Vegas and we don’t have fabulous restaurants on the beach like Real Housewives of the OC or phenomenal shopping like New York or all of the above like Bev Hills. We have casinos, casinos and casinos and The Forum Shops. In other words, everything is indoors. This town revolves around the casinos and not much else. Maybe they should redo it as The Real Housewives of Pahrump. Couldn’t be more boring than Sin City Rules.

  • Anonymous

    Soooooooooo glad it was cancelled! Personally, I never liked Amy from the beginning. She is a complete shit starter! Both her and her mom have serious mental issues!

  • Jess

    Jenn and Amy seem to be the only ones who don’t do botox…. showing off the wrinkles seems to be a.o.k for them…

    Jenn looks tired all the time…. (and she says she is, so that’s probably why)

    Amy is just not likeable at all…. she’s sooooo two faced… can’t be trusted…

    Alicia seems to always have a confused look on her face….. and doesn’t seem to know how to do her own hair and makeup…. since she always has other people doing it for her…. you need to stop playing the victim… you shouldn’t need other people to speak up for you, you should speak up for yourself… no matter if your in the publics eye or not, people will talk about you and you need to learn to roll it off….. so get a life…. take an apology for what it is and move on already…. like big deal!!

    Lana looks better without her sister around…. (meaning: her sister makes them look trashy instead of classy with her mouth and the way she dresses) As far as how Lana decides to show up with body guards, little people etc…. who cares…. if she wants to and can do it…. then so be it… big deal…. what are people jealous….

    Lori and Kimberly seem to be down to earth and somewhat boaring….

    I liked the show.. too bad it was cancelled….

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  • Alrac

    Hahahahahahaha the final episode was hilarious! Even Amy admits her mom is crazy, she also shows crazy don’t fall far from the tree!