“Catfish The TV Show: Cassie And Steve”

“Catfish The TV Show: Cassie And Steve”

Catfish-CassieandSteveI really can’t believe I got sucked into this Catfish: Cassie and Steve, are people really this gullible that they’ll believe anything people say on the inter-webs? Okay, I understand Cassie lost her father as a result of a brutal murder, after which her life started spiraling out of control getting involved in drug and alcohol abuse and became promiscuous.   Then one day she received a Facebook message from “Steve,” who became a big positive influence in her life.

“Steve” taught Cassie how to love herself and others again along with helping her to turn her life around.  The relationship became so intense that Cassie eventually asked “Steve” to marry her.  Now who in the hell asks someone they’ve never met to marry them?   

“Steve” is allegedly a big-time rapper with a muscular physique.  “Steve” and Cassie have “dated” for 2.5 years, umm they’ve dated for 2.5 years but have only seen pictures of one another, I guess the successful rapper can’t afford a web-cam or a newer computer.  Cassie’s ready to meet her future husband for the first time. 

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Nev and Max begin their search to uncover “Steve’s” true identity, if this episode taught me anything about Catfishing is that I’m never going to pretend to be a big-time rapper!  Nev and Max whip out Shazam to search for the songs that “Steve” has sent Cassie, guess what they songs don’t belong to “Steve,” big surprise huh?  They belong to some dude named Tony,  now everyone knows just how bad of a rapper Tony is, poor Tony!  Damn, are people really this naive?  “Steve” only has 90-some Facebook friends, if he’s a big-time rapper shouldn’t he have 1,000’s or 10’s of thousands? Just saying!  

Are you ready for this one?  The photos that “Steve” has been sending to Cassie belong to a model, they’re not really him, oh the horror of it all!  Do people really not know how to use Google image search?  Seriously it’s really not that hard, you pull up Google, click images and either click the little camera in the search bar or drag and drop the photo to the search bar.  There really are some great photo search programs out there, my favorite is the one that pulls all the data from a photo.  Want to find out the truth about a photo, upload the photo to see what camera the photo was taken with and the day, time, and location the photo was taken.

Here’s hoping you learned something tonight.  Ok, back to the show.  

It’s time to fill Cassie in on their search results, naturally she wants to meet her man, umm husband to be.  Boy is she in for a shock!  Oh, the multiple personalities of it all.  Turns out “Steve” is really Cassie’s friend Gladys and her cousin Tony.  Yep, this poor girl has been catfished by not one, but two people.  Gladys created “Steve” and her cousin Tony was responsible for all the sexting and talk dirty to me phone calls.  Gladys explains she didn’t create “Steve” to be hurtful, but to Cassie she’s loved and hopefully pull her out of downward the spiral of self-destruction.  Kudos to Gladys for caring so much for her friend, but I’m sure there was a better way to go about it.

Gladys apologizes, Cassie accepts and thanks her for having her back and they all live happily ever after.  Now is it just me or do you feel as if Nev, Max, and the viewers have been catfished by some kids looking for their 15 minutes of fame?   Sound off in the comments and let us know what you thought of Catfish: Cassie and Steve.

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