Cynthia Bailey & Peter Thomas Marriage On Shaky Grounds: Cynthia Asks Fans...

Cynthia Bailey & Peter Thomas Marriage On Shaky Grounds: Cynthia Asks Fans To Pray For Her

Fans who watched Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, witnessed the volatile argument between Cynthia Bailey and hubby Peter Thomas. 

Cynthia & Peter BaileySparks flew as the couple fought about sex, money struggles, future goals and business decisions. Cynthia’s sister Mal, who made an unannounced visit and declared she would be staying at Cynthia and Peter’s home for two months, seemed to be the crux of the argument.

Peter was livid and declared he could not share the same residence with his sister-in-law for two months. He strongly urged Cynthia to allow him to temporarily move into his own man cave and Cynthia was not hearing any of it.

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According to Cynthia’s Bravo blog:


Next, I attempt to talk to Peter about husband/wife stuff — finances, goals, business, and our sex life. Um, that didn’t go too well. Did he really suggest getting a man cave across town? I am just going to cough that up to early signs of dementia. Clearly, he must be losing his damn mind!

Last but not least, I have a very big problem with the way Peter communicates when he is upset. He wants to get all loud and throw around a couple of his choice curse words. I am a communicator, and this drives me crazy. I am all for a good drag out argument every now and then, but the person that talks the loudest and uses the most curse words is not necessarily the winner of the argument. Therefore, I refused to turn up on him (let’s be clear, we all can get loud and cuss when we want to), because I think it’s just a dumb way to try to have an effective conversation. Keep us in your prayers! USA, LLC
  • ohdearme

    I don’t have any sympathy for Cynthia, she defended Peter when he said he wanted a divorce when she was ill and couldn’t become intimate with him?! She gave him an inch and now he wants a “man cave” mile, he doesn’t respect her at all, she’s his doormat and nothing more.

    • julyol1972

      Yep! Peter hasn’t learnt a thing about respecting Cynthia because all the females in his life has forever allowed him to act a fool! She can’t expect him to act with some decorum, when he never showed any before, and she never called him on it!

      “People treat you the way you teach them to”!

      • ohdearme

        Peter has no respect for women PERIOD! When he called Kenya out of her name at last years reunion that told me all I needed to know about him. Cynthia was foolish, this man has zero to offer and/or contribute to a marriage other than heartache.

        • julyol1972

          Actually, I loved that he called her out at the reunion for perpetrating that fraud with Walter. That was one of the few times he got a “kudos” from me! She deserved to be put on blast!

          But I do agree that Peter does seem to be cases Cynthia more heartache in this marriage than anything else! I wonder if he was allowed to have a “man cave” in any of his previous relationships?

          • ohdearme

            He could have called her out WITHOUT calling her out of her name. I expect men to behave like gentlemen at all times, he sounded like a common thug!

            • julyol1972

              The men eventually struck up a friendship with Walter outside of Kenya, but the fact remains that she brought this person into their midst, amongst all the various families, under false pretenses. She put everyone at risk!!!

              She didn’t think about any of them when she put the whole scheme together! I applaud him for calling her out. Honestly, I don’t see anything wrong with the way he confronted her!

  • Jennymckitty

    I can’t imagine why they are acting like this on camera while writing a relationship book unless they show things dramatically turn around for their marriage at the end of the season. I don’t care for Peter and the way he treats Cynthia and seems to use her as an ATM. I just wonder if some of their arguing is staged so that when things turn around they can use it to promote their book. Only time will tell.

    • Dr Seuss raise a valid point here. All this drama may be staged to coordinate with their book promotion. It seems very odd Cynthia’s sister would show up unannounced and stay for 2 months. Then out the blue Peter is buying a new car and wants a man cave when they have money problems. I’m not buying what they’re selling. I’m starting to think this may be staged drama to promote their book also.

  • Ed B.

    Like we didn’t see divorce coming from the minute this user was introduced. I hope the grifter didn’t burn through all her money.

  • murlut

    Ok I will Pray for her that she sees the light and runs away from him. He is a useless POS and he has cost her a lot of money. Dump him Cynthia and RUN RUN RUN

    • Dr Seuss

      I’ll join you that prayer for her sanity to return.

  • HOTNTX50

    I pray that she comes to her damned senses and leaves his dusty, ignorant, deceitful ass ASAP. They are so incompatible to me.

    • julyol1972

      Hi HOT! Haven’t seen you for a minute. Hope you’re doing well.

      Agree that at this point, I don’t feel any chemistry either, and they totally seem incompatible.

      • Dr Seuss

        I agree. I don’t see the spark in their eyes anymore. They seem to be on separate wave lengths.

    • Dr Seuss

      “dusty, ignorant, deceitful ass” <—— ROFLMAO!! That's awesome, thanks!

  • murlut

    I am trying to remember exactly why Mel and her mom didn’t like Peter. Didn’t they think he was using Cynthia an that he was coining her out of her money? Wow, maybe they were right all along.

    • Dr Seuss

      Hi Murlut. Yes that was their issue and they were so sure Peter was wrong for Cynthia they hid their marriage license on the day of her wedding. Peter seems like a spendthrift.

  • 4theHighHeels_4theRawDeals

    I was surprised they ever made it to the alter. He always seemed like an insufferable, controlling bastard to me. A man with a hair-trigger temper–not a man you want to marry.