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Cynthia Cries, Phaedra Pumps and the Ladies Burn ~ #RHOA

A new day brings a new idea… today the ladies are staying in and cooking for each other. So far, the ladies have gotten into their little beefs, which isn’t “bonding”. 

Porsha doesn’t want to come face to face with her “hoo-ha” like Kandi lets Todd via Skype. Yet Porsha has already let at least a tattoo artist and piercer put their faces down there. So who shouldn’t come face-to-face with her vagina?

Ep 9 - Cynthia criesCynthia tells the girls about Noelle dating and NeNe jumps in immediately to disagree. Then it gets weird. NeNe talks about the girls who dress in their Sunday’s best when leaving the house, but change into hoochies in the mall. Cynthia cries. Their must’ve been something missing in the footage, because that just doesn’t make sense. Why is she taking personal offense to NeNe’s statements or feeling attacked about her parenting? Please let me know in the comments! Cynthia knows her daughter better than anyone and if she isn’t one of those girls, good for her! I’m #TeamNeNe with this one!

“When I judge you, you will know it!” ~ NeNe Leakes

Porsha and Kenya loved on Cynthia… and Kenya shares that her mother has NEVER spoken to her. Truly sad. At least someone’s bonding on this trip!

Kenya pours out her soul to Porsha about her feelings of abandonment from her mother, wanting children, but not wanting a daughter to make sure she is not her mother. 

Ep 9 - Phaedra pumpsAfter a wardrobe change, NeNe lightens the mood with Cynthia, not apologizing, but trying to make sure ther eare no hard feelings.

Tears are flowing from Porsha’s room about not having kids, NeNe consoles her. NeNe feels the relationship is very one-sided, her always supporting, but never feeling supported. I’m trying to figure out what Porsha needed to support with NeNe. Do you know?

To cheer the women up, NeNe takes the ladies to a drag show ~ drag queen show ~ that is! Kenya flies in her dog, I guess to make sure that she becomes the center of attention again. 

Kenya confronts Phaedra to apologize for the drama, but Phaedra isn’t trying to hear it. She said it’s over and done with. She needs to pump ~ so she DOES!~ 

Ep 9 - The ladies burn

The ladies throw down and burn up the kitchen! Everything looks so very tasty! 

Porsha is missing Kordell, so he responds to her text, and Kandi answers back! Porsha starts acting like a 15 year old girl, so decides to figure out what to say to him tomorrow.

Kandi invites all of the women to be involved in her musical before they are rudely interrupted by a flying cockroach! 

NeNe, true to form, makes sure she has her cocktail in hand and isn’t concerned about the bug. Kenya and Porsha end up being the bugbusters and save the day!

The alcohol hits NeNe and she lets Porsha have a piece of her mind about not supporting her. Porsha quickly apologizes. The night ends on a good note! Thank God! 

Do you think NeNe should have given Cynthia her opinion on teenagers dating? Do you think Porsha and Kenya will become real friends? Do you think NeNe is asking too much of her friends? 

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