Dance Moms: Out With the Old In With the New Recap

Dance Moms: Out With the Old In With the New Recap

We dive right into what can only be called true Dance Mom Drama.DanceMoms

The moms have banded together to stage a stand-off. The goal? Kelly, Brooke and Paige to be back in their rightful place on the Dance Mom’s team.

Abby is aware something is up as the moms enter the studio and go straight to the bathroom. Every single mom, enters studio and goes straight into the bathroom. We hear them reinforcing their solidarity in the plight to get Kelly and her girls back. They exit the bathroom single file and sit in the lobby, right in front of Abby at her desk working. Abby tries polite chatter only to be coldly ignored.

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Abby goes to begin class and unveil the infamous pyramid but there’s no girls nor moms anywhere. Poof! They have vanished!

Abby in her talking head says, if they’re trying to piss me off? Mission accomplished!

Abby leaves Melissa an angry voice mail.  Abby’s key point of voice mail;  if you are sacrificing Maddie and Mckenzie for Kelly’s two girls? You are crazy!

Abby, undeterredDanceMomsAllie, says she will begin working with the girls that are present which is one. The replacement, Ally.  They begin working on her solo.

Shelley, Allie’s mom, is alone in the moms area and she looks visibly upset saying “They’re gone! They’re just gone! Not for just tonight but gone!” She tries to talk to Abby about it but Abby is in her I’m not listening phase and I’m going to incessantly spew stuff out of my mouth. Wait a minute, that’s not a phase…that IS Abby Lee Miller.

 Christy’s analogy of Abby’s behavior in the parking lot is spot on!! The ugliness and accusations were crazy and a big reason I sometimes have a hard time defending Abby’s behavior. I understand having anger but I never understand saying cruel and unkind things about children.

Abby calling in replacements is not surprising. Abby calling the police to use their time and resources to get the moms out of her parking lot is. Was it posing any kind of threat or public nuisance? None.

Jill, decides to pop in and visit Candy Apple Dance Director, Cathy. I see no reason for the visit. Jill may have wanted to gossip but Cathy wants no part of it and does nothing but insult Jill from the moment she walks in, to the moment she walks out the studio.

The new moms and girls arrive for their first night of practice. One has even flew in from Louisiana! Abby tells the new moms to trust her and throws her famous line out, “Everyone’s replaceable!”

Cut to the moms at Christy’s house. They are still united in their stand. Their opinion is that a lot of people show up to see the actual Dance Mom’s girls we have grown to love over the last two seasons, not necessarily Abby Lee Miller. They may have a point here. Christi exclaims, she knows the perfect choreographers and it’s the girls themselves! Christ in her talking head, thinks this will send a huge statement to Abby and it needs to be the performance of a lifetime. The moms are excited at the new laid plans.

Meanwhile, back at the studio, Abby gets a call from Yvette. We learn that Yvette’s daughter, Hadley was on Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition. As Abby does “she’s cuckoo” signs, Yvette says Hadley will be at Abby’s next scheduled competition in Indiana, competing with a group and a solo.dancemomsyvette

Yvette has a talking head and talks about the experience (Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition) as being amazing but with ups and downs. We cut to Yvette talking to Hadley and we shortly realize that Abby scarred Hadley with some cruel words. The show cuts to a video of Abby calling Hadley “roadkill.” No joke, I think I am now scarred for Hadley. Yvette is sad and crying listening to her daughter. Yvette talks to her daughter and urges her to get those words out of her head once and for all. There are tears, as Hadley says it’s hard to dance now because those words echo in her head every day. Yvette, again says forget those words! In this life you get what you give and Abby Lee Miller will get hers. Yvette, also shares her theory that once Abby realized Yvette was a dance teacher, she tried to get to her through Hadley. This is a sad piece of footage. I’m of the belief, if you are blessed enough to touch a child’s life, leave them bigger, better and stronger than when you entered their life.

Back at the studio, Abby is giving a classic “Abby talk” to the new girls. Sophia, the superstar, is on her way. Abby basically lets the girls know that Sophia is superior to them in every way and they must work hard to even be in the same room. The girls have a dejected look while they listen. Marcia, Bella’s mom, isn’t real happy with what she’s hearing.

Abby greets Sophia with “my new Maddie!” and even Sophia’s mom looked taken aback for a moment. Sophia’s mom, Jackie, joins the other moms and asks where are the regular girls? Everyone says they have no idea and have been told nothing except that the superstar, Sophia was on her way.

Sophia ask Abby to run through a particular set again and Jackie looks on in adoration and “says she’s so cute” Simma down, Mom. It may be in your best interest not to have a love fest about your own child on day one of meeting a new group. I’ll go you one further, free of charge, maybe look and find things to praise the other children on. But we should have no fear that Sophia’s head will grow in Abby’s studio because Abby finds that cute voice horrible. Abby hates it and makes no secret of it. Abby asks Sophia if she takes voice lessons and Sophia is probably thinking, Lady, I dance! I am a dancer! I do not take voice lessons, but politely answers she does not. Abby, visibly shocked, says maybe you can while you are here. That was after she announced Minnie Mouse already has a job. I swear I saw Sophia go down two inches in stature in a flash.

We are one day away from competition. Jackie and Sophia enters the room and Jackie asks the other moms if they brought their solo outfits. The moms answer their girls don’t have solos and look none too happy.

Abby, in her talking head, says Sophia is her ace in the hole and she has already given her a solo. Abby may know dance but her skills end there. She works with Sophia and exclaims, she is so good that she is performing a solo tomorrow and has not even finished learning the dance.

Upstairs, the moms ask Jackie about Sophia’s solo. Jackie, while applying lip gloss, explains it’s about Abby’s new reality. She goes on to dramatically talk about how Abby refers to Sophia as her new Maddie. The other moms are questioning why they have agreed to bring their daughters to Abby’s studio and if Abby has her new star, why are they needed. Still, they are trying to be positive and support Sophia. Jackie is all pfft, Sophia will be fine.

dancemomsnewmoms Meanwhile, the real moms and girls are meeting at Kelly’s house to discuss plans and let the girls work on their dance. Holly seems to be the one in charge of finding a venue and has decided on a local mall. The girls are excited to be together and be able to dance together.

Back at the studio, Abby is informing the new moms of Yvette and she and her daughter will be present at the upcoming competition. She explains that Yvette does not like her because she called her daughter roadkill. Marcia looks like she can’t believe her ears. Abby says so what I called your daughter roadkill, get over it, in her talking head. Abby then tells the girls that everyone is expecting to see to see Chloe, Brooke and so on come out on stage at this competition. They must be excellent to overcome that disappointment in the crowd. I paraphrased that last part but it was insinuated. Abby explains if they kill it, they will be household names. Abby tell us, in her talking head, if they don’t, they are out and she is back to her list and calling in new replacements. Man, Abby and her people skills are amazing!

The real moms and dancers arrive to a desolate mall. It honestly doesn’t even look open. Holly says she hopes that their post Abby Lee Careers aren’t over before they started.

Abby and new team arrive at the competition in Indiana and Abby is acting like a rock star! I loved her waving when she got off the bus like she is one of the Fab Four. That is referring to the Beatles for the younger readers. I can’t believe the flash we got of girls behind barricades are there waiting to see Abby. My hunch is those girls were waiting to see the original girls. I also think, though she is trying to disguise it, Abby knows this all too well. They enter the venue and immediately run into Yvette and Hadley. Abby asks Hadley, “what no hug and kiss?”

Flash to original girls, rehearsing in a room in the mall. The moms are giving advice and I’m not sure if editing is setting us up or if the girls are really that off.

Back at the competition, Abby is giving a standard Abby pre comp pep talk to Allie. It consists of last week you were with a group of top class dancers and won overall high score. They dumped you. You  are all alone now. That Abby knows how to pump a kid up!

Sometimes life hands you little handfuls of awesome, hearing Gloria lay out her plans of going to see if she can get her daughter a solo, without consulting Abby first is one of these moments. I’m actually rubbing my hands in glee! Kaeli asks her mom if Ms. Abby is going to be mad and Mom says just start running through it. I’m going to see what I can do.

BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP This is the National Shannon Service. This is not a test. This is an actual warning. A category storm like we have never seen is approaching. Please take proper precautions.

Back to Abby, she is now giving Sophia her pep talk. It includes if Maddie and Chloe were here, they’d be going up against Hadley but now it’s you, Sophia. Jackie says that she’s unsure about this putting pressure on Sophia about Maddie and Chloe. Sophia has her own dance style and it’s like comparing apples and oranges. Oh Jackie! Simple, simple Jackie. You still are clueless about the innermost workings of Abby Lee MilleDancemomssophiar’s mind.

Allie does her solo and looks amazing.

Hadley comes out and does a rockin little number.

Sophia does her solo and in Abby’s words ripped on that stage like a tornado. I am confused of the shot of Yvette wiping pouring tears as Sophia did her solo. Was that creative editing or was she moved by her daughter’s competition?

Abby enters the girl’s room ecstatic at Sophia’s performance and announces she wishes that Paige and Chloe’s moms had been sitting in the audience. But we’ve no time to scratch our head because Gloria is at the table trying to get her daughter a solo. I am over the moon right now.

Back in the room, we have tears and Marcia is asking Abby what’s going on? Every girl is doing a solo but her daughter? Abby explains no, only Sophia and Ally are doing solos. Then says, Glo is probably trying to get the director to fit in a solo for her daughter and if that’s the case. They are off the team. Period.

Glo is mad she was ratted out. Marcia is angry Glo tried to do something so underhanded to her daughter, Bella and Abby can’t figure out why she attracts crazy moms and I’m devastated this was so anti climatic. I wanted Kaeli to come out on stage as Abby clueless, looked on and realized what had just happened. Disappointed, I am.

We have 10 minutes to the group dance and Abby proclaims the title is Cry and who’s crying now, the girls sitting in Pittsburgh not getting any better. These girls have got to be thinking, they might as well be here because all you do is mention them!

Hadley’s group performs first and do great and judges are smiling at the end of their performance.

Abby’s group performs and Abby says they weren’t perfect but they were beautiful. Most importantly, they better beat Hadley’s group. She is such a lover of the kids, ya’ll! It really warms my heart.

Awards time and Allie wins second and Abby thinks she was cheated.

In Hadley and Sophia’s division, Hadley comes in 2nd and Sophia first. You can imagine the reaction from Abby and Jackie. Abby in a talking head says Hadley wasn’t exactly roadkill, she was just the road and Sophia drove right over her. Where is her humanitarian award, Folks?

Hold the phone. Group awards and what!! Yvette’s team came in first and Abby’s second. Abby is mortified. Yvette is flying high. Abby and Yvette hug it out and Yvette says, I think we’d make a great team and I’m thinking are you serious!!! Abby says Yvette scares her and she’s figured out the bond between her and Hadley. They are both daughters of dance teachers. Abby, you are an adult calling a child roadkill. There is no bond.

Back at the mall, the empty cavernous feeling has been replaced by a good sized crowd, all cheering for the original girls! The girls dance and look like they are just kids dancing and having fun. The moms look a little apprehensive at first but are all smiles by the end. Holly says that while this was great it does make them realize the girls need discipline, hard work to dance to dance at the high standards they are all used to.

Back in Indiana, Glo says Allie got 2nd and Allie/group got 2nd and she’s not sure if that impacted the group in some way.  I’m not sure why Allie was Glo’s measuring stick but Allie’s mom isn’t having it and says moving forward, maybe it would be best to zip it in front of the girls. I’ve wondered that same sentiment since Dance Moms premiered. The things said in front of the kids at time is appalling.

Abby enters and is none to happy. As soon as she begins her rant that 2nd is not good enough, Shelley, along with her daughter, excuse themselves. Marcia says we see the real Shelley now. She continues with an attitude, Shelley cracked. I can say from my standpoint, Marcia, you should be glad Shelley chose to leave. If moms band together and try to blame my kid for lack of first place awards, leaving is the best option you would get from me.  Again, is this chopped up editing or did I miss something. Abby tells the remaining moms and daughters that while happy they pulled it together, she is livid they lost to Yvette. She ends her talk with thank God for Sophia.

Abby finishes the episode with this team is just as disappointing as the old team.

What did you think of this episode? Did you like the new moms and? Thoughts on the mall performance?

Can’t wait to hear from you in the comments below!