Funky Dineva Reads Real Housewives of Atlanta Chuck Smith (Video)

Funky Dineva Reads Real Housewives of Atlanta Chuck Smith (Video)

The ladies having a gossip sesh
The ladies having a gossip sesh

If you follow me on Twitter you know I love me “The Doll” a.k.a. FunkyDineva, if you don’t follow “The Doll,” you better get to clicking that link! 

In “The Doll’s” latest The Real Housewives of Atlanta video conversation with her boo Nessa, she gets to reading Chuck “Bite Sized” Smith.

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Ok, now that you’ve watched “The Doll” go-in on “Bite Size,” head on over to the blog and read Let’s Face It, Straight Men Are Messy, Just Ask Chuck Smith!!! by Anti intellect.  Very well written and some great insight into the dichotomy of women and men’s conversations. USA, LLC
  • Dr Seuss

    Chiiile….Quiet as it’s kept, Ms. Dineva is a hot mess!!! HAHAHAHA!!!!

    • Ed B.

      You better stop tawking bad about “The Doll”

    • Moka Latte

      Hi, Doc.

      • Dr Seuss

        Hi Moka!! OMG, Twitter went HAM on Chuck last night. Did you see that ChuckSmith parody account?

        • Moka Latte

          Oh, I saw Twitter go HAM! But I didn’t see the parody account. Oh, now I’ve GOT to go see that. Lol.

      • Birdie11

        Hey Moka! You need to come hang here more! I can’t post at RT anymore…join the fun here!

        • Moka Latte

          Now that Doc has led me here, I will be here often. I can’t even fathom all that RT was putting you all through. I had no idea. And to think, you all had some of the tamest comments, compared to so many others. Yet, they somehow don’t get banned.

  • Moka Latte

    I LOVE Funky Di. He went in on Chuck, but my fave part was where he went in on Kenya and Lawrence. He killed me!

  • Moka Latte

    Kandi has now outed that she wrote a song about her experiences with Chuck, back in the day. What song is it? “Girl Talk” by TLC. Here are the lyrics, and they do fit the story of what Phaedra said about his package (in next week’s footage). In fact, what’s been said by others in ATL; Phaedra and Kandi found out that he was dating both of them and traded stories.


    You see I had this brother who was mad at me
    Cuz I told my home girl that he wasn’t packin’
    Told the truth so I really don’t give a damn
    That I spilled the beans on his little short stem man (oh)
    Some of y’all be foolin’ us
    Big feet big hands just plain big
    The sex ain’t worth a damn
    We women wanna know these things
    If y’all got the bat but not the swang

    Put in work
    If you don’t want the girl to talk
    And you don’t want your feelings hurt
    Put in work
    Cause if you don’t
    That girl’s just gon’ go spreadin’ the word

    Girls talkin’ got ya all caught out there
    Why you thinkin’ that it’s all about ya
    Forget she told me everything about ya
    But the girls are talkin’
    The girls are talkin’
    Girls talk about the booty too
    About the way a brother is hangin’ too
    When you didn’t think that nobody knew
    You see the girls are talkin’
    The girls are talkin’

    • Dr Seuss

      HOLY SHIT!!!


    • twifan2

      Funky Di is the one talking!

    • Tre’s Twits aren’t Angelic

      Kandi penned the song and TLC did it up REEEEEEL GOOD!

      • Moka Latte

        Yep, sure did!!!!

  • Moka Latte

    One last thing, and of course, take this with a grain of salt (as it is just gossip). On another ATL blog, a chick had something interesting to say in her comments about Chuck.

    “My dentist said she was “part of his team” or one of many at one point in college. He paid for her whole semester and school books after only a couple of dates, then stop talking to her abruptly because she did not choose him over studying for a test or something. When she ran into him months later, he must have forgotten that he was an A-hole because he tried to rehash things. She said she informed him that she does not have time for him because she is too busy working to pay for her next semester and books. He then paid for the next semester and books. Young, dumb athletes with money are the easiest thing to take advantage of. Get money for your career ladies, she has 12 dentist working at her place of business.”

  • kathy fischer

    Love it!

  • RealitySuxx

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I am LOVING the destruction of Chuckless. What an idiot…he is being read for filth all over social media … and Nene is getting blasted on her BRAVO blog! HAHAHAHAHAH

    What did the 3 of them think would happen? Everytime Nene introduces someone – they always have issues with one of the cast (Marlo with Kandi) now Chuckless and Phae … and it ALWAYS backfires.

    “You can’t win when you play dirty”…yeah Nene – methinks you need to heed your own advice.

    FunkyD couldn’t WAIT to post his vid…. sooo damn funny…..and I’m seeing other snippets about Chuckless starting to surface – and none of it is good.