Gossip Corner Episode 01

Gossip Corner Episode 01

Ed B. and Mary have a candid discussion about Twitter wars and scammers, Big Brother 15 houseguest gossip, Teresa Giudice’s fraud chargers, Chris Browns legal troubles and the Costco Bible fiasco.

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  • kathy fischer

    Loved the show Awesome!

  • realitytvlover

    Just posting to say I thoroughly enjoyed your sound cloud clip. On the subject of internet scammers, I think it’s classless to not only beg for money, but insult your readers by posting that you plan to use the funds for vacations, etc. It seems to be another beer night because the rants are continuing. As my mother used to say ” there’s a suck born every minute”.

  • Commonsenseisnothere

    So will you admit that your donation was refunded several months ago or would facts and evidence spoil your gleeful hatchet job? A Total See You Next Tuesday on Soundcloud.

    • http://TVFishbowl.com/ Ed B.

      You might want to brush up on your reading & listening comprehension skills, the money wasn’t returned months ago as you claim. The money was returned while the audio was in post production, that’s after the show was recorded for those of you lacking basic reading comprehension skills

      Fact remains that Tamara herself brought the issue to light not me. As I said in the podcast, I quietly unfollowed her, she’s the one who turned it into the blog war she so hates.

    • Dr Seuss

      This is a complete and outright lie, Tamra. You tweeted Ed 2 weeks ago, stating if he wanted a refund, you would return his donation. Even when you’re caught you continue to lie. You’re a complete joke!

  • Lake Girl 178

    This is not the first time Tamara has scammed people. She has done it before under another name and a different blog. The problem is that she has her cult followers believing every word that comes out of her mouth. She is a scammer from way back.

    • Dr Seuss

      I’m not surprised. Luckily, everything put on the internet can be traced through cyber forensics. She can run but she can’t hide. Many are on to her dirty dealings.

  • CeeCee

    She is a scammer. I tried to post that on her blog the day she started asking for donations but she would not allow my comments. I wanted to warn people about giving her money. She brought those lawsuits on herself. Why should the public pay for them? She claims to be a disabled school teacher, yet she can seem to muster the strength to go trespassing on the property of a defunct reality show star. I really cannot believe she has the nerve to stick her tin cup out and ask people to give her money. Get a job lady. Many people who are really disabled, and can’t go trespassing at constructions sites, work every day of their lives. I’m glad you got your money back and hope others wake up and request a refund as well.

  • Dr Seuss

    Finally!!!….Tamara Tattles is being exposed for the con-artist she is. She’s an impostor….fake…phony, pretending to be mentally unstable when in fact she’s just a belligerent self-loathing drunk. It’s clear as day, she willfully concocted a scheme to defraud unsuspecting victims into donating money under false pretenses. Her actions were discernibly illegal and I hope the authorities have been alerted.

  • RX

    AWESOME PODCAST!! Thank you!