“Greek Tragedy” The Real Housewives Of New Jersey Everybody Was Kung Fu...

“Greek Tragedy” The Real Housewives Of New Jersey Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting

Photo By: Andrei Jackamets/Bravo
Photo By: Andrei Jackamets/Bravo

The Real Housewives of New Jersey brawl that occurred Saturday March 30th has reportedly left Johnny “The Greek” Karagiorgis battered and bloody on the floor!  TVFishbowl’s sources are reporting that the melee broke out during the filming of the grand opening of Kim D.’s Posche 2, the second store of Kim’s boutique made popular on the show.

According to our sources Joe Gorga was upstairs at the Moxie salon when he was approached by Johnny who was allegedly attempting to apologize for all the Karagiorgis’ nasty attacks against Joe’s wife Melissa.  Joe asked Johnny how he knew him, did they go to school together, what were the reasons behind the character assassination of his wife and family?  This is apparently where things turned ugly:

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“The conversation between Johnny and Joe was heated.  Joe was tired of listening to Johnny’s lies and backpeddling, next thing you see is Johnny flying through the air, Joe had tossed Johnny down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs was Chris Laurita who wanted to confront Johnny about the alleged negative comments he’s made and tweets he’s put out about Chris and Jacqueline’s son Nick who has been diagnosed with autism.

“With the exception of Jacqueline, the wives stayed out of the fight.  Chris was not happy with Johnny’s denial and started throwing punches, Jacqueline seeing the confrontation ran over and got a few of her own licks in as well,” the source stated.

2008_kung_fu_panda_002Chris and Albie Manzo who were not filming were outside waiting for the event to end so the family could go to dinner, hearing the commotion they immediately ran inside to defend their aunt and uncle.  This is when Albie allegedly threw a few punches of his own.  In the end the source stated that Johnny was so badly bruised and bloody he had to be helped to his car by four attendees of the grand opening event.

We’ve reached out to sources close to the housewives to confirm the details of the melee, but everyone is staying mum on the subject.  This tweet from Johnny seems to confirm there was a fight; however his version differs from what’s being leaked to the entertainment sites and apparently The Real Housewives of New Jersey Kung Fu Fighting isn’t finished! 

Screen Shot 2013-04-01 at 11.20.56 AM

There have been different versions of the story reported, how do you think it went down?   

Thanks to all the readers for submitting the below photochops, we greatly appreciate it!

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  • SweeetBea

    The title alone has me LMAO!!

    • Avid Reader

      The pictures alone have me laughing. John has had this coming for some time now. I wonder if Bryan was there like Wetpaint said and if he was why didn’t he help him? I bet you Bryan is starting to see through John as well. If Melissa did cheat on Joe, why is John so eager to get it out there? Why is John always on twitter running his mouth? I have so many questions for him.
      You are right, the person who comments as JohnnyDoughBoy, never talk about someones wife like John has.

  • JohnnyDoughBoy

    This is what you get JohnnyDoughBoy!
    You talk shit on woman behind a phone and run blogs calling them whores, now you got your ass kicked. You’re not so tough are you JohnnyDoughBoy? Truthfully, I heard many stories today on what happened, I don’t know what to believe or what they will show when it airs.
    I don’t like what Melissa did to Teresa, but this is why when you’re a grown ass man you don’t get involved in drama like this. For some reason Penny and JohhnyDoughBoy wanted to expose Melissa, but Melissa was doing just fine herself. No, Johnny had to go to any website that would listen, isn’t that right JohnnyDoughBoy?? You’re coward ass has not said a word. What do you have to say for yourself? Next time unless a MAN is trying to do something to your wife, let Penny fight it out with who ever the woman is you are trying to expose, other wise you’re going to get your ass kicked again.
    Your dream just may come true, you are going to be famous.
    Famous for getting your ass kicked and an example why Men shouldn’t talk shit on woman for fame, who is the fame whore now?

  • JohnnyDoughBoy

    I am sorry for my language.

  • Avid Reader

    LMAO I just read this again.
    Next thing you see is Johnny flying through the air?
    I don’t believe anyone could that fat ass in the air. Joe, rest that back, that is the most weights you have lifted in a while.

  • Kylee

    I hope he presses charges because Gorga’s/ Laurita’s are garbage

    • Gina

      While the pictures are comical, they are not appropriate for a post like this. I certainly do not think four against one is fair at all. I can hear the ManZo Bitch Boys saying they aren’t afraid to back down to no one or stand up for what they believe in, it is obvious there beliefs have no merit. They only jump in situations when things are already under control or the person they are attacking is out numbered. I do question why Johnny ( again ) is going out of his way to prove Melissa isn’t who she sets herself out to be? Why Johnny? This is getting ridiculous. When Joe Gorga says his wife has a clean image, all I can think of is her joining the show knowing that her and Teresa had issues leaving the inevitable to happen, we saw that the last two seasons. Selfish fame whores, Melissa and Joe. I question the blogger why he or she thinks this is so funny? Four on one is not a fair fight, granted Johnny has been running his mouth on twitter, why not Joe Gorga be a man and question him off camera? Another reason to not watch BravoTV!

      • Ozzie

        It’s all a big circus freak show anyway. All scripted

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  • for shannon

    Shannon the address I am using, can you email me there? I only see a media page for contact and an I am not a media person. I want to ask you something and this may not be the best place.