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Hormone Disrupters


Dear Dr. Mitch:drmitch

I hear a lot about products that may disturb my hormones.  This concerns me because I have heard you on the radio talking about how important optimal hormones are.  Can you make this clear to me so I understand what is going on and what can cause this problem with our hormones?

H.G., Ohio

Dear H.G.:

Here is a situation where progress has put us in a toxic position.  More than 90% of Americans that have been tested have a chemical, BPA (Bisphenol-A).  It is known to be an endocrine disrupter, which interferes with your body’s normal production or use of hormones.  Common sources of these BPA’s come from canned foods, sodas and especially plastics like the plastic bottles from which we drink our water.  The more the bottle is either heated or frozen the more likely it is that this chemical may leech into your consumable.  A fairly recent study showed that 95% of paper money has BPA and the receipts that you obtain from restaurants, supermarkets and gas stations also contain this hormone disrupter.  Supposed efforts to change from these types of products are often substituting a new bisphenol…bisphenol-S which still has the same hormone mimicking effects.  A new article shows the old thought of testing high doses on animals to discover toxicity may be misleading because even a single can of soda contains almost 4 times the amount of chemical which is above the safety standard.  This new bisphenol-S can disrupt our hormones even at extremely low doses so ‘what-to-do’ since 800 studies, show even in tiny doses, these chemicals can cause damage and to try to avoid them like the plague.! Note: Don’t drink from plastic or eat from plastics or cans.  Check your cosmetics too because they will not only bother your hormones as adults but ultimately they also have profound effects on your children’s sexual development.  I hope this helps you get the picture!

Look good, feel good and have great sex.

Dr. Mitch 

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