How Woody Allen’s Abuse Of His Daughter Was Exposed

How Woody Allen’s Abuse Of His Daughter Was Exposed


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It seems the story surrounding the Wood Allen molestation accusations is continuing to evolve. Now the woman who was a long time friend of Mia Farrow and the person who informed her of the abuse has come forward.

Casey Pascal has stated that Allen had an unusual “Obsession” with his newly adopted daughter. Pascal claims that is was of her nanny that initially caught Allen in very inappropriate positions with his daughter Dylan. The whole disturbing situation is described by Pascal as follows:

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Pascal, 70, attended British boarding school with Mia and on the afternoon of Aug. 4, 1992, left her three children with Mia’s children in the care of three nannies. We took Mia’s baby son Isaiah out with us and went to the store and while we were gone Alison (a nanny), went looking for John and opened a door to a little den off the kitchen and found Woody with his head in Dylan’s lap,” Pascal recalled.

“We came back, not knowing anything about this, we noticed Dylan didn’t have any underwear on and Mia asked one of the girls to help her get some pants on.”

Pascal continued, “Alison came to me and said there was something I should know, she said if it was the kind of situation where she had walked in on grown-ups, she would have said ‘sorry’ – then she realized there was a very small child involved and she was horrified.

“I had to call Mia, it was so horrific – I set the wheels in motion.”

“There was never a question of not believing her,” Pascal said of Amanda. “She had worked for me since my children were babies.”

During Mia Farrow’s 1993 custody battle with Woody Allen, Alison the nanny testified at the hearing about what she had witnessed. It has been previously reported that Allen was never charged with sexually abusing his adopted daughter because the medical professionals at Yale-New Haven Hospital in Connecticut stated they found no evidence that Dylan was sexually abused, and even stated the child’s story was “fantasy-like” and probably influenced by Mia.

This is where it gets interesting. A judge ( Justice Elliott Wilk ), who was overseeing the couples child custody agreement did not agree with the conclusions that were reached by the previous appointee. His judgement on the situation was that the report by the investigation team was sanitized and therefore, “less credible,” he also said “the notes of the team members were destroyed prior to the issuance of the report, which, presumably, is an amalgamation of their independent impressions and observations.”

Justice Wilk stated that he considered Woody’s “lack of judgment” to be an issue and said, “His trial strategy has been to separate his children from their brothers and sisters; to turn the children against their mother; to divide adopted children from biological children.”

This revelation brought about the denial of any visitation for Allen with Dylan and only supervised visits with his other two children.

Even after all this time Pascal still has very strong feelings about the events and Allen in particular. She says“He thinks he’s inscrutable, he seems to know no bounds in pleasing himself and never seemed to realize the impact he had on this family.”

“People were concerned about Woody’s behavior with Dylan. His intensity with the child… he didn’t seem to leave her alone for a second. He was obsessed with the child. Mia had mentioned it to him and he was seeing someone. I saw it from the perspective that the children would be involved in a game and he would come and scoop her up and take her away, it was not anything you would consider normal,” she said.

“Mia always told babysitters never to leave them alone, the child seemed to have no space for herself, he overpowered her. She would be going off into her mind in a different space, she would tune out. We knew it was too intense for a little girl. I would just take my children home when Woody arrived as there was no more playing with Dylan when he arrived.”

Pascal fully supports Dylan coming forward with her truth and pain. People need to know the true events of what occurred and understand this family’s hurt. Even though the family is “suffering terribly” with all this being in the world news again, they do support her courage and need to find justice. USA, LLC
  • momplus5

    To be honest I haven’t seen a lot of Woody Allen’s films. The few I have weren’t that enjoyable. But, the little I’ve read about Mia and Woody, both are very “off” individuals. The truth is there, and it is a shame this woman is still suffering so.

  • That Lady

    Totally agree with you! They are both “off”. I imagine Mia was never the same after Woody left her for her Daughter, that has got to do so major Psych damage to a person. He is just so Narsasistic!!! I truly believe that he abused Dylan and I feel so bad for her.

  • Babson_Chick

    This has been going on for years and I believed it the first time the news came to light. I never watch anything Woody is involved with – his stuff is usually too wierd for me anyway. Again someone gets a “pass” because they’re famous and some get away with murder.