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James Franco Crushed My Dream For 2014


James Franco

One of my wishes for 2014 is that the “selfie” go away and the Twitter hashtag #Blessed  will stop being overused!  It looks like James Franco has crushed one of my dreams.  The New York Times ran a piece by Franco titled “The Meanings of the Selfie” which doesn’t help my dream, in fact it crushes it!

Photo Credit: James Franco/Instagram

Photo Credit: James Franco/Instagram

Franco who’s been described as the “Selfie King” of Social Media does have a valid point in his one for one claim.  It is a great way to garner likes and judge the impact of your social media activity, but some of you take it too far!  Personally I love the celebrity selfie, it allows me to head over to the celebrity’s Twitter, Facebook or Instagram account and grab a shot that’s not going to cost me an arm and a leg.  And, it gives the reader a picture to look at that’s not been posted on every new media site around.

With all that being said, the general public needs to stop with the selfie pics, in particular the “duck face selfie,” it isn’t flattering and makes you look like an idiot.  We all laugh at you, who in the world ever thought the “duck face selfie” was cute?

The Twitter hashtag #Blessed is was over used, in my opinion it should only be used for those events in life that are truly miracles.  Michael Neal of the Green Bay Packers tweeted: 

Having determination, perseverance and drive doesn’t mean you’re blessed, it means you have determination, perseverance and drive which enables you to work your way to a successful outcome.  Don’t even get me started on the fool who tweeted “got me a 12 piece extra crispy #Blessed.”

Thanks James Franco for crushing my dream that in 2014 everyone stop posting the inane selfies, maybe there’s still hope people will stop overusing the #Blessed hashtag! 

What annoying trend would you like to see disappear from Social Media this year?  Sound off in the comments below. 

  • julyol1972

    The naked selfie, a la Kim K and Nicki Manaj! They’re not totally nekkid, but they might as well be I’m just tired of looking at fake asses, fake breasts , and smug faces.

    • hardtimz

      Those selfie’s of kim k and nicki manji was the nastiest pictures…just out right gross!