Jill Zarin On Oprah: Where Are They Now?

Jill Zarin On Oprah: Where Are They Now?


Rick Springfield, Jill Zarin, Terry Fator and The Village People on Oprah: Where Are They Now?

Jill Zarin, former star of The Real Housewives of New York, speaks her mind, well what’s left of her mind. Jill goes on about why she was fired from RHONY, she promises to tell the “real story.” Just another attempt by Jill to remain in the spotlight, she sure is trying hard to hold on to her 15-minutes of fame, her knuckles are turning white!

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  • ohdearme

    Well I don’t care for Oprah so I won’t be watching. I hope that you guys will recap what Jill says because I really think she has a story to tell and to some degree was wronged by Bravo and Andy.

    • http://TVFishbowl.com/ Ed B.

      I don’t get OWN in my neck of the woods. Maybe one of the other writers do, I’ll ask around.

    • momplus5

      The more I’ve read about Oprah, the more my opinion has changed.
      Two sides to every story, but, Jill needs to move forward. BRAVO still isn’t calling.

      • ohdearme

        I’ve never liked her, can’t explain it I just don’t lol. No Bravo will never call again especially after she revealed that she secretly taped Andy during the one on one interview lol. However I will say that we the viewers have learned plenty about how Bravo operates since Jill’s firing and humiliation. I think she can talk freely now and I’m really curious as to what she has to say. The secret taping told me that she’d learned her lesson and wants to cover herself in the event that Andy took the interview in a direction that was false. Something happened between Andy, Barfenny and Jill.

        • https://twitter.com/ResearcherX/favorites RX

          jill created the bethenny fake fight story arc n thought bravo would edit bethenny has the evil one. jill got the bad edit and bravo went with their cash cow bethenny. pretty sure bethenny won n kill cant stand she was duped. jill said she brought the story arc to andy prior to filming.

          • ohdearme

            I’m sure it’s just me, but I think there’s more to it.