Killer Women: Pilot Recap

Killer Women: Pilot Recap

Well I was right, Killer Women is very reminiscent of NBC’s one season wonder Chase, I don’t see the show making it much further than Chase.

MARTA MILANSI will give the writers this one, the opening of the show leave you wanting more (this is about the only time you’ll get that feeling). A hot chick dressed in a slinky formfitting red dress walks right into a wedding and shoots the bride!  Boom! You’re dead on your wedding day, jilted lover?  Turns out our bride is an Assistant District Attorney, which answer why just about every dude at the wedding was packing some heat.  Cue obligatory shooting at escaping car.

Molly Parker leaves a dress fitting with her sister-in-law, that I can only assume was an attempt to soften her up for viewers, and she’s in pursuit.  Parker pits the fleeing car and lo and behold our murderous vixen Martina Alvarez isn’t the driver, nor is she the passenger.  Dude was paid to drop her off and lead the local sheriffs on a chase.

Dorco USA

Upon Molly’s return to the scene of the murder we find out that the rivalry between the Rangers and local Sheriffs is alive and well, the groom owns nine gyms and the murderous female in red works at one of his gyms, but he claims not to know her.  Through their investigation we find out that Martina called Jason (the groom), nine times the morning of the wedding.  While all the testosterone in the room is satisfied with calling it a crime of passion/jealousy Molly naturally sees there’s more to the wedding day massacre.

TRICIA HELFERMolly is good, no seriously she’s good.  She’s sees right through Martina’s claim of jilted lover with one question, is the groom right or left-handed?  The sultry Martina proves she’s never met Jason by incorrectly guessing he’s right-handed, if you’re ever asked this question by the Po Po, always go with left!

Molly through her powers of perception is able to somehow piece together that Martina’s mother and daughter were kidnapped by the Nuevo Laredo Cartel, damn this women is good!   Molly and her “friends with benefits” DEA buddy are headed to Mexico on a romantic get-away to raid the cartel hostage house, blowing away multiple bad guys in the process (why aren’t cops in real life such good shots?).  Molly and her sexy DEA squeeze Dan Winston, hit an oil drum causing it to fall down in the middle of the road, it explodes after being hit by the bad guys flying bullets,  leaving Molly and her piece drive off with a blazing inferno reaching for the sky behind them.

Everyone lives happily ever after, well except for Molly who has a psycho ex-husband who refuses to divorce her.  For the sake of the viewing public and the show’s success, I hope they do away with the typical cop show cookie cutter format.

What do you think, will Killer Women make it?  Will it be a mid-season cancellation like Last Resort or will we see a complete season one?

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  • Babson_Chick

    Re. Mob Wives – Alicia Dimichele who acts so innocent and unaware about her husbands business dealings. Yeah right!! He received 7 years for murder conspiracy and witness tampering. Now the Feds are after her $8,000 per show paycheck and she faces some prison time for helping her hub run a crooked trucking co. business. She has also been accused of selling counterfeit designer items at her 2 stores (Philly & NJ).