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Kim Kardashian Willing To Fork Over Serious Bucks, Humphries Declines




Kim Kardashian has reportedly offered a 1o million dollar settlement to Kris Humphries, if he will stop looking for an annulment, on the grounds of fraud. Humphries has refused the cash. He wants an admission the wedding was nothing but a publicity stunt. Kim is steadfast in her claims she was in love with Humphries and the marriage was the real deal. A two month real deal.

Kim is carrying Kanye West’s baby and is ready to move forward in her life. She claims the divorce has been hard on her. Furthermore, Kim’s camp is denying this story and we all know the Kardashains never fib.

Hope these two can come to an agreement before Kanye Jr. arrives in July.


  • Pinky

    Good for him. It is about time Kim Kardashian and her mother were held accountable for their crap. Maybe this would send a message to Bravo and Andy that you can’t just toy with someone’s REAL life without appropriate consequences. These reality shows and stars are way out of control in how they treat people for the sake of ratings and money. Hope he wins.

    • katrina

      Bravo is not responsible for Kim K. They are on E!

      • http://www.tvfishbowl.com Ed B.

        Kim isn’t even responsible for Kim!!!!!!!!

    • http://www.tvfishbowl.com Ed B.

      Hell for $10 mil, I’d marry Kim for a few hours!!!!!!!

  • Pinky

    Katrina, I realize the Kardashians are with E. My point is that reality shows in general,need to have a wakeup call that ruining people’s personal lives is not ok for the sake of ratings and money . Bravo is the biggest offender in attacking people, relentlessly, that humiliates and slanders even innocent family members who are not under contract or being filmed. It is out of hand at Bravo – but the Kardashian divorce is a good start point for accountability for taking the “fake” and deception too far.