Mama Joyce’s Threatening Voicemail to Kandi’s Friend

Mama Joyce’s Threatening Voicemail to Kandi’s Friend

Mama Joyce

In a preview for the next of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kandi’s friend Carmon, you know she’s the one Mama Joyce says is allegedly banging boots with Todd.  Well, Carmon finally finds out who’s filling Mama Joyce’s head with such nonsense, it turns out it’s Benny’s (an associate of Kandi’s), girlfriend Crystal, who is close friends with Kandi’s mom.

Apparently Crystal is telling people that Kandi caught Carmon and Todd in the bed doing the “deed.” With that info, Carmon took matters into her own hands by calling Crystal and told her to keep Carmon’s name out of her mouth and to stop filling Mama Joyce’s head with rumors.

Dorco USA

Mama Joyce didn’t like that too much so she called Carmon and left the following threatening voicemail:

“Carmon what the fuck you call Crystal for? You know that shit damn true, but I’ll tell you one thing…you put your hands on that girl I’m gonna drag your ass up and down the damn street like you was a damn rag. I wish the hell you would put your hands on that girl, you old lowdown heifer.” USA, LLC
  • Marsbars09

    Damn, MJ is off the hook! Can you imagine what kind of damage she could have done if she were part of that Pillow Talk melee! She would have whooped Mal’s ass for putting hands on Kandi.

    • momplus5

      I know! Kandi can sing and write songs. But, in personal relationships she stinks!

  • momplus5

    Honestly, all this stuff about Todd is so old. There may be some truth about Todd. But, ultimately it is up to Kandi who she dates, marries. What makes Joyce less credible for me, is the fact, she’s made herself out to be this jealous frenzied woman. As if Kandi owes her for raising her.

  • Bryan

    Shut this dirty old bitch up, piece of shit old lady Carmon should turn the hose on her

    • hardtimz

      Hi Bryan, I think Joyce is way too damn old to be acting like this and threatening people. This story line is getting so old and tired…enough already! BTW Aviva’s discarded leg is tooo funny!

      • Bryan

        Hello, put this old beast in a home and keep her medicated!

  • murlut

    Mama Joyce is a very jealous woman. I believe she thinks Todd will put a wedge between Kandi and her. She hasn’t liked one person that Kandi has dated. She made it clear that she worries about if Kandi marries Todd and something happens to Kandi, where the money would go. I think she is afraid that if Kandi marries, Mama Joyce gets her purse strings cut.

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  • fengshoe1

    Joyce it’s called going directly to the source.
    Kandi follow through. Give your mama a verbal ass whooping, afterwards remove her from your home and put in another kind of home.

  • Shy Sharon

    Am I the only one who thinks this fake storyline is strictly for ratings? It looks like Kandi can hardly stand having to address this nonsense!

  • kathy fischer

    If any of this is even true I feel sorry for kandi it is hard to take sides and try to keep peace between a parent and a mate