Opie Offers 25,000 Dollars to the Woman Who Can Prove She Had...

Opie Offers 25,000 Dollars to the Woman Who Can Prove She Had Sex with Manti Te’O


Manti-Te'OIn a shocking declaration made on the Opie and Anthony Show, Gregg “Opie” Hughes has offered to pay quite a sum to any woman who can come forth to prove that she has had sex with the controversial football star.

It appears that the player’s interview with Katie Couric has produced more questions than answers, leading Hughes to push the mystery forward with a generous offer. With so many people across the country wondering why Te’o never met the “love of his life,” TVFishbowl finds this offer compelling.

Te’o claimed in the interview that he was not even able to visit his internet gal after she was supposedly hit by a drunk driver because he couldn’t tell his parents that he had missed his flight or changed his travel plans on that day. As the mystery deepens, we here at the Bowl promise to keep you posted.

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  • DookieMcDookDook

    Ol’ Rotten finger Hughes

  • CuntDoctor

    I’m sure he would lose the $25,000.00 if he offered that to any guy that can prove he had sex with Te’O

  • FudgieWudgieBars

    Next thing he’ll be offering $25k for an empty sakrete bag so he can take his lunch to work. Lingggggg Longggggg.

  • greenbastrd

    the OPSTER is at it again…silly goose.