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Real Housewives of Atlanta: Mama Joyce Holding Tight to that #KandiKoin

Real Housewives of AtlantaSince Mama Joyce has made it clear that she does NOT want Kandi to marry Todd, Kandi had stalled on wedding planning. Now she’s ready to move forward with Mama Joyce’s half assed attempt to make the peace with Todd. Kandi’s best friend, Carmon, is her employee which sends Mama Joyce into a frenzy of protecting their money… you know the money Kandi made, yet Mama Joyce wants to control 100%. After 20+ years living on Kandi’s teet, Mama Joyce is losing everything she worked so hard to keep to herself.

I love Todd. He’s respectful to Mama Joyce and Kandi, but sets his boundaries quickly. Mama Joyce is disrespecting Kandi and Todd, yet Kandi ALLOWS it to happen. She says she can NEVER set boundaries with her mom, so I guess we won’t be seeing a wedding for Kandi on Real Housewives of Atlanta, because Mama Joyce ain’t letting anyone get in between her and Kandi.

We meet Mynique (who was featured on I Dream of NeNe) and her husband Chuck (one of Gregg’s groomsmen) for afternoon cocktails. Quick history – Chuck, NeNe and Phaedra went to high school. NeNe plays semantics reminiscing that Phaedra was a “head surgeon” and at the time took it to mean she was a “dick surgeon”. Chuck denies any allegations that he and Phaedra had “sexual intercourse”, so leaves it alone (for now). Chuck did, however, date Kandi, but calls her a one-hit wonder.

Phaedra passed her classes in Alabama for mortuary services and now can apprentice there. A load off her back! Apollo comes to apologize for his texts to Kenya, even though it was a rocky and convoluted apology. She accepts and stops the silent treatment. He wants the old Phaedra back, the one that bends over in the bathroom and lets him hit it from the back. Will that be televised?

RHOA-Cardio CabaretKandi invited the girls over for drinks and Cardio Cabaret. Cynthia brings Natalie who shows off her six-pack abs. Porsha is missing because she’s in the hospital for fainting. NeNe calls Lauren to find out she passed on the steps in the house. Then, NeNe wants to invite all the women for a bonding getaway in Savannah, Georgia. Of course, Kenya hates the idea… but doesn’t speak up. Kenya then hates on Phaedra about her post-baby body. For a 40-year-old woman, three months after a baby, she looks damn good. And Kenya starts twirling.

Side note – NeNe’s hair is looking nice in those mini interviews.

Leon and Cynthia dish about Noelle, getting on the same page about her dating. Leon’s disappointed that she didn’t come to him about her having a daughter. Great parenting scene! I love how they co-parent Noelle. Porsha shops with Lauren at a liquor store(?) to get some headache medicine… NeNe calls, checks in on Porsha and invites her to Savannah. Sadly, their interpretation of the blood pressure results is horrendous. I hope she has a follow-up appointment soon to make sure she’s healthy.

Kenya is with her aunt, again. Does she have friends? Last week, Kenya was joking about “laying pipes” with a complete stranger who she hasn’t even met, now she’s talking about marrying and having a child with an African prince, whom we have yet to meet. The fertility test results have not come out positive. Her aunt encourages her to get the baby before the man. Wait? Isn’t she in a relationship? I’m so confused. Kenya breaks down about not resolving issues about her mother abandoning her to this date. Auntie says forgive and forget. For once, I agree, forgive and forget the woman who doesn’t give a damn about you. That is the best thing for her.

The RHOA Wedding BrawlNow, Mama Joyce has brought her entourage to Kandi’s wedding dress shop. She completely attacks Carmon, still accusing her of cheating with Todd. The sisters jump in and make Kandi feel like crap. How is this helpful? Mama Joyce is worse than the moms on Say Yes to the Dress. The sister is indulging this nonsense vicious attack on Carmon. Even though Mama Joyce jumps up, the aunt claims that Carmon got in Mama Joyce’s face. Just lying to Kandi. So sad that Kandi is being taken on a ride that she refuses to get off. Her mom doesn’t want to see Kandi happy but came to the dress fitting just to tell her how much she hates the fact that she’s marrying Todd. Kandi says she “hoped THEY would’ve gotten along”, yet Carmon didn’t say anything it was all Mama Joyce. They convinced her to try on another dress even though Kandi was through. Notice that the aunts say “I don’t want you to marry”, not “I don’t want you to marry Todd”. They want her to stay single so she can take care of Mama Joyce. I hope some explanations come now that Kandi sees it played back.

Kandi thinks she learned to deal with her mom, but ultimately, she deals with her mom by letting her get her way. That’s going to cost her relationships. I wonder how many relationships it’s already cost her.

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  • Dr Seuss

    Mama Joyce’s greed and hate has no boundaries. That old donkey showed her ass Sunday night. Is there no low this woman won’t stoop to just to protect her benefactor (Kandi). Trying to fight Carmen because she uses Kandi’s left over hair and shoes is not a mother “looking out” for her daughter. The crazy old bish is obsessed with protecting her cash cow….period! And based on Kandi’s reaction on Watch What Happens Live…crying and talking foolishness…she’s allowing her mama to do it. They deserve each other.

  • twifan2

    I feel bad for Kandi-to a point! Kandi needs to ‘put down’ some boundaries with her mama! BUT I doubt that will ever happen. Kandi just letting herself ibe set up for a world of hurt, :(