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Real Housewives of Atlanta: There’s Late, and There’s L-A-T-E!

After last week’s Mama Joyce shennenigans, NeNe packs up to go to Savannah and Gregg shows his “queen” side. NeNe has a tight lock on Gregg’s curfew, even though she’s out and about, Gregg has to be home by 8. If he’s up for it… 

Ep 7 - Kandi cries over JoyceKandi stops by Cynthia’s to dish on someone who knows about family drama. Cynthia gives her sound advice, since Cynthia put a quick stop to the mama and sister drama from a few seasons ago. Kandi is there for advice, but refuses to listen. Until Kandi says she won’t stand for it, Mama Joyce will play the same broken record. I wish I could feel for her tears, but she isn’t willing to do what’s necessary to stop the situation – let Mama Joyce know that she needs to get her act together or she’s out of the picture!


Ep 7 - Joyce doesn't careMama Joyce stops by Phaedra’s office to dish ask about a pre-nup for Kandi and Todd. I think Ayden knows something because he’s not willing to speak to Mama Joyce for a treat, he’s in protective mode! Mama Joyce is really asking for pre-nup advice for a marriage that she’s not in. Phaedra lays it out straight – Kandi knows what she’s doing with her money. “You don’t introduce two people with big heads!” is Mama Joyce’s dating advice. Mama Joyce is now threatening Phaedra for liking Todd – “I could really choke you right now”.

Damn, we’re back with Kenya. Can she get off the show? Her big choice for attire for the trip is Louis Vuitton or flip flops. Now she’s twerking again. (sigh – BORING!) ZZZZZZzzzzzzzz

Wait? What did I miss? When did Lauren become Porsha’s assistant? Doesn’t she have to have a job to assist? Well, the assistant Lauren helped Porsha pick out $3500 shoes for the Savannah trip. If she keeps this up, she’ll be shopping her way out of a J-O-B!

Kandi is talking to Mama Joyce about Todd and she’s tired of it! She’s tired of it because she keeps seeking Mama Joyce’s approval. Mama Joyce doesn’t want to give up her Kandi paycheck. Mama Joyce is hating on Todd AND Carmon. Carmon has gotten caught up in the cross fire! Kandi finally stands up for herself and Carmon and Todd. Mama Joyce is willing to toss out “everything” for this nonsense. Kandi should say “ok” and walk away!

Everyone meets at NeNe’s house to go to Savannah. NeNe invited her friend Mynique to go with them. As much as she is trying to be patient, Kenya walks in pushing buttons. I get it. It’s irritating for people to be late, but isn’t this a vacation? Do you have things scheduled for Savannah? If not, being late doesn’t have any real effect on anything, right?

Kenya hates on Kandi’s STOPPING to eat on the way to NeNe’s house for the trip. I’d hate on her too! You really needed some Chick-Fil-A before going? Now, Kandi and Phaedra were almost 3 hours late!

NeNe is finally pissed off and storms off! Poor Kenya hates the idea to be grouped with the “other” women because she was on time. After some prayer, she realizes that she doesn’t want to kill any of the women on this trip. Sorry peeps, no bloodshed this trip!

Ep 7 - NeNe is goneKenya then steps in and determines that she is the megaphone of the trip! NeNe is pissed, but quiet. Kenya goes off at the rest of the ladies for their tardiness. Kandi, especially, feels that she is NOT entitled to yelling at them or getting second choice at a bedroom (Mynique was there second) or having anything to say to them about their tardiness. Kandi takes out all of her anger on Kenya with a vengeance! I just wish she was this forceful with Mama Joyce making a mockery of her relationships with Todd and Carmon. Kandi is about to take a piece of that Kenya-a** is she doesn’t sit down and shut up! 

But we will have to see next week who throws down!

We’ve all been late, but is three hours EVER acceptable tardiness? What about stopping to get some food first?

~~~April ~~~

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  • julyol1972

    Three hours late is ridiculous! Nene must really be working on that Hollywood Image to not go ham on each and every soul as they sautered up to the table.

    But Miss Bath Salts needs to sit her behind down, and shut the heck up! First she lied, per usual, making it seem she wasn’t late. Then to find out, per Andy that the video time stamp showed she was an hour late. It’s obvious that Kenya is looking for a storyline, and is hitching her wagon within ass-kissing distance of Nene! Ugh! I just can’t!!!