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River Rat Counseling by: Phil Robertson

PhilRobertsonBack in 2009 Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson gave men a little “river rat” counseling at a Christian retreat.  During is sermon Phil advised your men to marry young women who are no older than 15 or 16 (can you say pedophile?), make sure she carries a bible and to taste their cooking before proposing wedding bliss.

Peep the video and listen for yourself.

Where are all the good Christian’s now that came out in support of Phil over his recent tirade about homosexuals and black  people?  Duck Dynasty bring in over $4 million a year from merchandise sales.  When does money stop being the deciding factor of who remains on TV?

  • WestCoastFeed

    Thanks for sharing this Ed. While this is no surprise, more people need to know about him and just what kind of man he is,

    • http://TVFishbowl.com/ Ed B.

      I’m sure the people who are supporting him are willing to look past this. SMDH

      • hardtimz

        Because they certainly didn’t look past Bob Costas, Dixie Chicks, Martin Bashir, and now Melissa Perry and so on.

        • fengshoe1

          Seems we can now add Beyonce to the list.
          Read an article where she posed in front of painting of “Last Supper” Some are outraged. They need to step of their merry-go-round. ;)

          • hardtimz

            Yea I know, I seen the pictures. And you know, she and her husband have always been so hands off their private life. Now all of a sudden, their almost everywhere the cameras seem to be…not getting what’s up w/them…or maybe it’s just me!

            • fengshoe1

              IDK… probably not you. lol
              maybe they have new publicists?

              • hardtimz

                lol yea maybe because we’re not use to seeing either of them so out in front w/their private life. It’s certainly not going to make them any richer or more famous!!!

  • fengshoe1

    Oh Phil, it’s not because of the Bible you can hunt duck->it’s because the Wasi’chu (White man) took the land.

    The only reason boys are waiting to marry…It’s a crime!
    I’m with you Ed, where’s Sarah? Where’s the outrage? The “victim war cry” outrage?
    Outrage at GLAAD? When has GLAAD ever held a protest at one of your churches?

    Now this family has unveiled shotguns, semi-automatic rifles, semi-automatic pistols, etc.
    Phil has a narrow-minded, fundamentalist,hate-filled, homophobic,racist, violence inciting narrative he spews, but he is certainly not stupid. He has used his platform to advance his agenda because folks like Phil are running scared.
    Hypocrites, the lot.