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Settle Agreement Reveal In LeAnn Rimes vs The Smiley’s

Photo Credit:  kmpressgroup.com.

Photo Credit: kmpressgroup.com.

Alright so that supposed settle agreement reveal in Leann Rimes vs the Smiley’s (http://jwhitfield3000.wordpress.com/) – total bullshit, the case was dismissed. When a case is dismissed there is no settlement agreement, there’s nothing to settle, basically the court threw the case out!

And, if the case weren’t dismissed & these were actual settlement details, it’s still bullshit.  Agreements are NEVER filed with the Court & are not part of the court record. They are confidential. Only insider would have access to the agreement.

The question is, who is behind this leak of the alleged agreement? 

If the agreement required:

  1. Kimberly and Alexis Smiley must apologize to Leann Rimes
  2. Kimberly Smiley and Alexis Smiley must take full responsibility of the recording and posting of said recording of a phone call Leann Rimes made to Kimberly Smiley.
  3. A gag order will be in place for both parties and if broken, opens up either party to full extent of the law.
  4. Kimberly and Alexis Smiley must give all known information of 10 names.

The above means they lost. If they lost, why would Leann be paying their legal expenses? In a civil case, both parties typically request attorney’s fees as part of the damages. Umm, if Leann won as the above suggests, the Smiley’s would be paying Leann’s legals fees!

The post contradicts itself, this one little line contradicts everything above: “In exchange for said settlement Kimberly and Alexis Smiley are to receive: All attorney fees and courts costs reimbursed plus $2500 for information on each name listed.”

As seen on docs filed under seal in LACounty: 

  1. “All legal paid plus moneys for information given for plaintiff to pursue damages.” 
  2. Defendant agrees to cooperate in any further legal matter regarding other parties.“(Basically she’ll testify against all of names listed if needed.)
  3. “Names are listed as such: eileenyover, hatecheaters23, EbonyShiksa, AnnieBowl, KellyMJara, TessBehindBars” (4 full names left out due to no social media handle. Libelous)

Umm, if the docs are sealed under a court order, how did JWhitfield3000 get their eyes on the docs?  

  1. This contradicts the claim above, so now the Smiley’s are paying the plaintiff (that’s Leann by the way), all her incurred legal fees?   
  2. If the defendant (that’s the Smiley’s), agree to coöperate in any further legal matters regarding the other parties (named above in #3),  why is Leann allegedly paying them for information (see below). 
  3. Hello, it’s just as libelous to name someone’s social media handle as it is to use their government name. Ever hear of nicknames?  Yep, if you’re known by your social media moniker and someone uses that moniker to slander/defame/libel your name, it would carry the same punishment as if they used your government name.

“In exchange for said settlement Kimberly and Alexis Smiley are to receive: All attorney fees and courts costs reimbursed plus $2500 for information on each name listed.”

Oh look we’re back to saying Leann is paying the Smiley’s for all their attorney’s fees and court costs, oh and an added bonus of $2,500 per name for information on these 10 mystery people.  Now it might not be illegal to pay someone to testify to the truth, but a good attorney will use the fact that you are being paid was germane to your testimony.   Basically the attorney is planting a seed of doubt in the mind of the  jury that you were paid to testify favorably for the party that called you as a witness. 

When rumors of a settlement hit, one person said to have been listed, sought out legal advice. The rumor was confirmed and they learned that their name was sold to the Rimes camp.

There was no settlement, so how was this confirmed? The case was DISMISSED by the courts!

This is all very interesting since I followed this case closely and saw that the complete Smiley case for donations on their GoFundMe site was run on the fact that Kim Smiley was fighting for the rights of all internet users.  She not only gave up the information of her largest supporters, she sold them. It looks like the total sum when adding in her fundraising for legal counsel adds up to a $65,000 win for The Smileys.

Wow, I’m totally doing the internet wrong.

  • cutie pie

    so happy you took this on Ed…look as though Moonshine Lele is working overtime…

    • http://TVFishbowl.com/ Ed B.

      Oh I forgot to mention that blog only has 1 post.

      • Dr Seuss

        Not surprised.

  • Garland

    Thank you Ed! Finally! This girl HomeinTn has been trying to run with this for weeks now, totally bogus info

  • RX

    I donated to the Smiley Fund. Is your blog stating Smileys’ received $65k in donation and then received all attorney fees paid by LeAnn? Are you saying no settlement was reached that the case was just dismissed and the rest is all false gossip. Sorry. I am super tired and was not paying much attention to the on going case.

    • http://TVFishbowl.com/ Ed B.

      I’m not saying anything. The person who wrote the items in blue is trying to say the Smiley’s received that amount

  • Jen

    There can be a settlement in a case even if it is dismissed, the two have nothing to do with each other. However, in this case no settlement documents were filed. A check of the Court’s docket confirms this. In order for any execution of a settlement, there would need to be an Order in place. In short, nice try LeAnn cronies.

  • Dr Seuss

    Thanks for the clarification and truth!