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Survivor: Cagayan Meet The Solana “Beauty” Tribe

Monday we introduced you to Survivor: Cagayan‘s Appari “Brawn” Tribe,  Wednesday the Luzon “Brains” Tribe, and today we’re introducing you to the “Beauty” of the season the Solana Tribe. 

I think Ms. Brice Johnston a 27-year-old social worker, is going to bring the comedic relief this season.  So, I’ve included his video for your viewing enjoyment. I think Brice will stick around because they’ll see him as the weak gay dude.  He better get ready to lip sync for his life! Look for Brice to serve up a cup of “Tea” with two lumps of “Shade!”

Morgan McLeod a 21-year-old ex-NFL cheerleader, too soft-spoken and a bit too prissy for my taste. LJ McKanas a 34-year-old horse trainer (and I think our second gay, my gaydar was pinging), I think with his outdoorsy background he might stick around for a bit. Miss Kentucky Teen 22-year-old Jefra Bland, claims to be tomboy who loves to hunt and fish, hmm, she will be underrated by her team.  Jefra’s time on the island is going to depend on how well she does in challenges and whether or not she’s one of those prissy pageant girl complainers.  Alexis Maxwell a 21-year-old psychology major at Northwestern, the psychology majors always give themselves more credit than they deserve and are usually the first to go.   Look for Alexis to get to steppin’ sooner rather than later.   34-year-old male model Jeremiah Wood, he’s a backwoods boy who plans on flirting with all the girls on his tribe. He’s annoying, I’d like to see him go sooner rather than later. 

I’m not sure what advantage the Solana tribe will have in challenges. Clearly none of them possess traffic stopping “Beauty!”  Will their “Beauty” be enough to keep them in the game? 

Survivor Cagayan premieres February 26, 2014 on CBS.

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  • That Lady

    Who decided the beauty team because I think a few of them should have been on the brawn or brains team. Not sure this concept is believable. And are some of the girls ( and guys ) from the other team going to think they should be on the beauty team. This whole thing is going to get the survivors arguing about who should really be on which team. Maybe thats what they want to happen…

    • http://TVFishbowl.com/ Ed B.

      Someone must have been drunk when they saw the beauty!!!!!

      • That Lady

        LOL!!! Seems about right! I can already see the hurt feelings that people are going to have when they see what teams they are on. I mean these people all think they are hot and so smart.

  • Babson_Chick

    Almost anyone that is on the Beauty Team will probably be full of it. Not seeing beauty here – maybe inner beauty.

    • http://TVFishbowl.com/ Ed B.

      that’s what I said.

      • Babson_Chick

        I hope these teams hit the ground ready to play – can’t wait!!