Survivor “Odd One Out”

Survivor “Odd One Out”


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On last weeks Survivor, the “Brains” tribe finally used some of their brains and voted out J’Tia. It is unbelievable it took these seemingly intelligent people so long to get rid of a person who is no help in camp or in challenges and most importantly burned up 90% of their rice! Spencer on the other hand was ecstatic that they chose to keep him.

Tree mail is delivered and from the clues on the note it looks like food will play a part in the next challenge. B & B & B all arrive to meet Jeff for the next reward challenge and are greeted with the news…


Dorco USA

The crowd of survivors go wild! Two new tribes will be made of the three and buffs are randomly drawn to assign the new teams.

APARRI  (Orange):


SOLANA (Purple):


So it looks like the “Brains” team come out intact and Most of the “Brawn” team is together as well. The “Beauty” group is pretty equally divided between the two new groups so this division most certainly will be much better for the majority groups and leave others scrambling.

So, onto the challenge. One member of each tribe must hold onto a pole for dear life while two members of the other tribe will try to pry them loose and drag them across a finish line a few yards away. You want to know what they are playing for?

DONUTS , MUFFINS AND COFFEE!!! Where’s the milk? Who eats donuts without milk?

*First pair on the poles are Tasha for the Aparri tribe and Lindsey for the Solana tribe. Both women start out pretty well not budging at all. Tasha is employing the vice grip method to make sure her safety while Lindsey has a leg bar technique that is holding her steady. Eventually Lindsey is pried and dragged across the line to win the 1st point for Aparri.

*Second pair on the poles are Alexis for Aparri and Cliff for Solana. This round was quick. Cliff is such a large force to be reckoned with and Alexis really didn’t put up much of a fight so the 2nd point went to Solana.

*Third and last pair on the poles are Cliff again for Solana ( A NO BRAINER THERE ) and Sarah for Aparri. Both put up a real fight in this round and again Cliff is pretty much UNMOVABLE. Tony and Lindsey have the job of removing Sarah and she is not going easily. In the end Tony ( who was once in a “Cops” alliance with Sarah ) and Lindsey have to manhandle Sarah across the finish line and it isn’t pretty.

SOLANA WINS THE CHALLENGE!!! Now lets start eating those donuts! Milk still would have been nice. Just saying!

Back at the new Solana tribe LJ talks about not feeling safe with his new tribe members. Trish finds out that LJ is also from Massachusetts and is now on the prowl. Goddess I HATE this womans laugh! Some how being from Massachusetts makes LJ a magnet for Trish the Cougar. She claims “I’m not Mrs. Robinson” and that would be correct because LJ is only using your attraction to him to keep himself safe. You and your laugh just got played Trish. Cliff is rightfully worried about Trish and LJ working together and now sees them as a threat.

The new Aparri tribe is all about gaining info in their first moments at camp. Sarah is worried about being the odd person out with her new tribe mates. She asks the group about getting the 2nd bag of rice on the first day and in the process outs Morgan as a liar to her old tribe mates. Morgan has to come clean now about looking for the idol instead of getting extra food for her tribe. Can you say BURN! Alexis now has no trust for Morgan and will distance herself from her and tries to get the old “Brains” tribe members to take her in. Spencer and Tasha agree that the old “Beauty” tribe members are openly hostile to each other and have no social skills. This would be true. Now the beauties will have to rely on the kindness of others instead of their looks.

Over in the Solana camp Jefra is telling Trish how she and LJ or a team and very tight. Trish reveals that she has an open distaste for Lindsey and that she is not a hard worker. She sees Lindsey and Cliff as being aligned and wants him out first. Jefra looks at this new info as an opening for herself and LJ to squeeze into.

Now its time for the Immunity Challenge! All members of the team must carry a long jousting/ramming pole and break through two walls. Once past the walls they have to place the pole into a long slot and by solving the maze engraved on the pole work the pole out of the slot. After the pole is released run with the pole and bang the gong with it . First one through wins tribal immunity. Trish and Morgan are sitting this one out for their tribes.

All six tribe members MUST hold onto the pole at all times, now off they go. Solana in through the first wall ahead of Aparri. Both teams get past the second wall at about the same time. Onto the pole maze. This one seems hard because they are both struggling with this repeatedly coming up at dead ends. With both teams neck and neck it is intense and finally Aparri finds the right path and frees their pole. The gong is sounded and Aparri wins!

Tony, “How did that happen.” Indeed, how did that happen. Solana had a lead and seemingly the strength to get past the walls first but failed to win the challenge. Mind blowing !

Solana camp is all abuzz with talk about who will be the first to go. Tony wants LJ gone because he says that he can not trust him. Correct Tony, you should not! Cliff also wants LJ gone because he sees that Trish and LJ are getting to close. Also correct but its more like Trish swooning over LJ and LJ using that to his advantage. Good call Cliff. Woo is on the band wagon to get rid of LJ but Lindsey thinks there will be a snag because Trish “has her head up his ass.” Bingo!!! Meanwhile Trish is telling LJ that he is safe because she says “WE” will keep you safe. Who is “WE”? Well that would be Tony and Trish according to Trish.

LJ is not sure that he feels safe even with Trish guaranteeing her undying support for her new hot Massachusetts man. He is unsure if he will have to play his hidden immunity idol tonight.

At the other side of camp Trish is laying it on thick to Tony that Cliff has got to go first. She says that she is tired of his “Entitlement” attitude and he hasn’t spoken to her in 13 days. Is this high school people, come on. You don’t like him, he doesn’t like you, why would you talk. Next Trish tells Tony that Lindsey the “Dinglewood” has to go after Cliff because she can’t stand her. Is this woman for real? Who uses the word “Dinglewood.”

Tony thinks Trish may be Bipolar or Skitzo! You think!!! OBVIOUS!!! He sees no reason to get rid of Cliff because they need to keep their old tribe together so they have the numbers in the merge. Excellent point Tony! He understands that Jefra and LJ are on the bottom and need to be the first two to go. Although he doesn’t like Cliff, he doesn’t trust LJ.

Cliff asks Tony what he was talking to Trish about and Tony lies to him about the conversation. They agree that they need to “chop off” LJ because he is becoming a support system for Trish. So true! She annoys everyone, why leave her with an alli. Jefra and LJ discuss how they feel and that trusting Tony could be a mistake and both are worried about their safety.

TRIBAL COUNCIL  Grab a torch!!!

Jeff asks LJ how it felt to have his camp invaded by new people. LJ said it felt like he was getting kicked out of his home. Awww!

When Jeff asks Cliff about the obvious imbalance in old tribe numbers Cliff agrees. He says that some people in his tribe are worried about their place in the new tribe and just can’t put their emotions aside and realize the game is about numbers. TRUE and he is talking to you TRISH!

Woo tells Jeff that he is also afraid that someone will vote with their emotions, again you Trish, and not see what is the greater good for the tribe. Well, what is better for the old “Brauwn” tribe but we understand what you mean Woo and we agree.

Trish sees the vote as a test of loyalties. She thinks the numbers have to work for “YOU” and by that she means work for her. Way to be a team player Trish.

Jefra thinks that to survive and win this game you must take risks. You are correct Jefra but it seems you is just grasping at straws now.

Lindsey sees the vote as a numbers game. The old “Brauwn” tribe members must vote together to stay strong. It is a tried and true plan.

Tony says that when they see where the vote falls the tribe will either move on together or move on differently. That doesn’t sound good Tony. Stick with the numbers.

LJ decides to gamble and not play his idol, so onto the voting.

It is a nail biter: 3 votes LJ and 4 votes Cliff

At this point people are giving each other the evil eye because this was suppose to be a sure thing. Now for the tie breaker…… 1 vote…..CLIFF!!!!!!! What the Heck!!! Can you say BLINDSIDE!!!

I’m not sure this was a smart move on the tribes part. Now that LJ knows he can play Trish like a cougar fiddle, if I were a remaining “Brauwn” member I would not feel safe at all.

* Next week’s sneak peek looks like Trish and Lindsey butt heads and it could get NASTY! That laugh, Goddess how I hate that laugh! USA, LLC
  • yenta1957

    Great synopsis Ms. B.
    Here’s the thing…..I am SO INCREDIBLY tired of ppl saying they’re from Boston ( like Trish has done..MANY times) when she’s really from Needham, MA…a quiet, suburban, TOWN.
    As a matter of fact, Needham’s only real connections to Boston are the the fact that it’s in the same state + it’s serviced by the commuter rail.

    Now…I’ll step down off my soapbox about that pet peeve of mine.
    I really thought LJ was going…honestly I did. When he didn’t play that idol, I thought buh bye LJ.

    Now, Trish will feel she has all kinds of crazy power. It will just be 1 more reason I’m not a fan of hers.
    I am MOST reluctant to say who are my favorites @ this point…..cause whenever I do…that’s a guaranteed buff thrown in the fire / torch extinguished. But, it’s not Jeffra, it’s not Trish, it’s not Tony + it’s not Morgan.

    • That Lady

      Have to agree totally on the whole Trish point. Don’t claim your from a city just because you are on the same rail line. LOL I’m not saying who my fav is either but I am certainly pulling for the player from my home state. We don’t live in the same city but I can drive there on a highway that runs between us! LOL

      • yenta1957

        I LOVE your avi!

        My favorites this season are not from my home state…..but it’s all good.

        • That Lady

          Who said it was an Avi ? This is my best selfie!

          • yenta1957

            + I still love it.

            • That Lady

              Thank You!