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Teresa Giudice Fraud Discussion With Attorney Shawn E. Tuma

Ed B. and Dr. Seuss host a frank discussion with Attorney Shawn E. Tuma about the fraud charges Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice and her husband Joe are facing.

As you know the Giudice’s have been indicted on 41 counts of fraud, which includes bank fraud, bankruptcy fraud, and conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud. Joe is also accused of failing to file tax returns for 2004 through 2008.

I’m just going to put this out there: don’t mess with the feds when it comes to money. Never deny the tax man. Never mess with the feds, they have no mercy.

  • Dr Seuss

    Very informative show, Ed.

  • twifan2

    No sugar coating it for the Juicys!

    • Dr Seuss

      Right on…that was an early Christmas present for you! :-)

      • twifan2

        TY! TY! TY! :)
        Just my color too-ORANGE! ;D

        • Dr Seuss



  • Dr Seuss

    You’re awesome, Cutie Pie! The attorney provided informative facts–he was great! Too bad the TreHuggers will spin the FACTS to comfort their delicate sensibilities. Hope you had a great turkey day. I’m getting ready to head out for Black Friday…wish me luck!

  • julyol1972

    Very informative! Really enjoyed hearing the views of a legal professional, when they’ve been so much mis-information, and deflection going on. Either way you slice it though, the Giudices look to be screwed. I guess in their case, hindsight really is 20/20.

  • Gizmo

    Thank you for an intelligent unbiased discussion. How about doing this daily or weekly once the trial starts?

  • Tre’s Twits aren’t Angelic

    Way to go Doctah!!!
    Your voice sounds real good.
    Thanks so much for #1 doing this and #2 putting it on the boards so we all could check it out!