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The Children are Acting Up! #RHOA

Welcome back!

Phaedra reverts back to being a 12 year old girl angry at her mom. She blamed it her being a Scorpio, but I blame it on her being a bitch. Either way, Southern Belle Phaedra is gone. When you marry a man because he’s hot, sometimes you have to deal with unintended consequences like him telling you over and over again that if he wanted to smash another woman, he would. Run to your study group girl, run!

Apollo acts like he has some sense and runs to Peter for some brotherly advice. Peter tells him that he should’ve told Phaedra that the only thing he wants to stick it to was her and leave Kenya out of it. Although, it makes sense, ultimately, it’s tiem for Apollo to just apologize so we can move on to a more interesting story line! 

Cynthia flexes some parenting muscles this episode when Noelle tells her that she’s dating a boy named Arthur. Instead of doing what I would do and try to banish my daughter to her room at 13, she decided to invite him and his mother over for dinner. Sweet. Peter makes sure Arthur knows he’s the man of the house and mandates that Arthur call him Mr. Thomas. Agreed! Both mother and son seem way too normal for this show and the kids seemed really uncomfortable as only 13 year old’s can be.

Kandi hires a professional chef to celebrate Todd’s homecoming. What started as a nice dinner ended with Kandi telling him all of the nastiness that Mama Joyce spewed at him. I normally find Kandi to be the even tempered, “real” one, but this move just starts to make me wonder. She’s pitting mom against fiance and doesn’t even know it.  Thankfully Todd is the bigger man and suggests sitting down and having a conversation with Mama Joyce.

Porsha looks at an apartment as she tries to move on, but being the “princess” that she is, she can’t bear to go back to being her own woman. She runs back home to her mom’s place to be fawned over like a child.

Ep 5 - Nene and Cynthia grocery shop

Cynthia and NeNe go shopping and NeNe acts like she hasn’t been in a grocery store in DECADES! NeNe looks longingly at the Hot Pockets signifying her broke youth. Trying to be faithful to her diet, she skips the Hot Pockets for a glass of wine. They talk about Noelle dating and NeNe makes sure she lets Cynthia know that Noelle can’t be her friend. Cynthia stands her ground, and the girls move on. NeNe respects Cynthia’s decision to “allow” Noelle to date, but they certainly don’t agree.

Phaedra lets her hair down in Alabama with her mortuary studies classmates. Studying allows her to leave everything behind… especially the drama. Driving to another state for every study group meeting has got to wear on herself and the relationship, but Phaedra doesn’t seem to mind or care. Oh well, Phaedra’s classmates include a dapper sock donning morbid comedian and thick pork chop loving former black firm apprentice.

Kenya moves into her place like she left the last, twerking with a friend by her side. Miss Lawrence, who can’t be seen without a good pair of heels, comes to help. Perfect to help someone unpack, right? Sure, if you plan on just pretending to unpack and watch your “friend” do all of the work. If it works for Kenya, it works for me.

The scene which we are all waiting for arrives. Mama Joyce comes to the dinner with Kandi and Todd, intoxicated – by liquor, drugs or her own gold-diggerishness. She ignores Todd and greets the dog instead. Let’s look at all the daggars that she wants to throw at Todd -

  1. Potential cheating with Carmon;
  2. Not wanting to sign a pre-nup;
  3. Not stepping up to get a ring bigger and better than what Kandi requested of him; and
  4. Forcing Kandi to lower her standards to be with him.

Before Todd came home, Mama Joyce outwardly accused Todd of cheating with Carmon. Yet, now, she backtracks to say that Carmon is around a lot and a lot of “people” are saying that she seems like she’s the woman of the house. Considering that we’ve barely seen Carmon over the SEASONS, I would gather this is an exaggeration or ploy to get Kandi angry at Todd. Kandi isn’t biting and Todd doesn’t seem to care.

Ep 5 - Burruss Family Sit Down

Mama Joyce jumps in to negotiate the pre-nup on Kandi’s behalf. Todd has already agreed to sign one, but Mama Joyce wants to be clear of the terms – as “fair” isn’t to her liking. She wants to make sure “we” are taken care of – her and Kandi. I agree Kandi makes more than Todd, so… doesn’t Kandi already provide for her lifestyle? And with a pre-nup, won’t Mama Joyce still be living at the matter to which she was accustomed, as in being taken care of by Kandi?

So, now Todd was supposed to go directly against Kandi’s wishes and get her a ring that she didn’t ask for. The one thing that I know is that if a woman asks for something specific, give it to her. Todd did the right thing. He can always UPGRADE when they’re married!

 Finally, let’s just say that Kandi lowered her standards. What are Kandi’s standards? She is a multi-platinum, award winning artist who started her career before she turned 18. She’s has a solid residual income and multiple companies to support her. Her last man had several kids by several different baby mamas – where his money would be spread thin. Todd doesn’t have any extra baggage, quit his job at the show to be with her, and has full-time employment building his own business and brand. Doesn’t sound like a bad deal to me.

Kandi scurries out of the room to let the adults hash out the issues. When she returns, she plays dumb about Mama Joyce’s assault on Todd. Come on Kandi, step up and be the woman we all know you can be. Even Riley knows that Mama Joyce will get over it, if Kandi will just stand up to her. Sometimes the child needs to be the parent.

Tell us – What do you think Todd is beneath Kandi’s standards?


  • abqkid28

    Nice re-cap without trying too hard to be funny like most re-cappers. Love “gold-diggerish” that’s some ish!

  • Heidi

    I really like the outift Nene wore to the grocery store. Does anyone have any idea what brand it is or where I could get it?