The Real Housewives of Atlanta: 50 Shades Of Shade

The Real Housewives of Atlanta: 50 Shades Of Shade

The Real Housewives of Atlanta
Kandi Burruss-Tucker "The Real Housewives of Atlanta

By: Rancher Nikki (@RancherNikki on twitter for more snarky commentary)

The Real Housewives of Atlanta starts the episode with everyone being friends (ya right)

Cynthia is heavily pushing the “Everything in Cynthia’s life is awesome” storyline.  Every interview and scene feels like she has this agenda to fix her image.  Her and Peter are looking for a new location for Bar One because he is treating her like a partner.  She describes the area as sketchy, the place as needing a lot of work and the outside has discarded sinks lying around.  She loves it!!

Dorco USA

It is next to a building where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr was laid out before he was buried.  She thinks it’s a sign because he had a dream and they have a dream.  I admit that I gasped at that flippant statement.  I am pretty sure that your dream of money is a little different from Dr. King’s vision. Disrespectful.

She thinks it is going to be the hip new area and they will already be there.  Good luck.

Kandi and Claudia meet at Kandi’s house.  Kandi shows her the set for her webcast for Kandi Coated Nights.  Much nicer than my set for sure.  Later Claudia comes back as a guest on the show.  It is light-hearted talk about sex, nothing too important.

Phaedra is getting extra security fencing put in since she will be living there alone with her young children.  Apollo shows up for the world’s most awkward bid. He wants to know why sh is hiring someone to build this gate. Didn’t he ask for a divorce and go to a divorce attorney and is literally days from going to jail?  Why is this getting dragged out for so long?

Kenya and her classy Aunt go out for a facial so of course Kenya has on full lashes.  They talk about Kenya making up with Porsha.  Auntie is shocked at Kenya’s mature behavior.

Nene is buying fancy soap and talking with Greg about Kandi’s upcoming party with a sex theme.  Nene is not interested in that kinda thing.  She is a confusing woman, wasn’t she a stripper?

Phaedra is getting some big time award for her work as a lawyer.  When she said that I kinda dismissed it like all the other housewives events where there are 15 people present and 5 of them are event staff. But then there was this huge awards ceremony with hundreds of people.  The mayor also got an award.  It was pretty legit.  Woohoo, go Phaedra.

Kandi coated party and everyone is there including some friends of Kandi’s that were totally invited to cause trouble.  Nene refuses to let Kenya touch her then when Claudia says hi Nene says they met once and turned her back.  Nene is really working to make enemies.  Kandi wants to play some super awkward sexy party games.

Then  everyone in the circle talks about if they are dating someone.  Porsha says she is dating someone long distance and everyone snickers.  Demetria says she is dating Roger Bobb (do they always have to say his full name?) on and off for about 8 years.  One of Kandi’s friends asks if the off part include 2 years ago cause she dated him.  Demetria asks “Dated who?” Who do you think she is talking about!!!  So this gal Gocha says she dated Roger Bobb while Demetria was supposedly with him.  Everyone looks so uncomfortable but doesn’t this kind of thing happen once an episode? Shouldn’t they be used to it by now? USA, LLC