Top Chef Duels Ep 5: David Burke vs Takashi Yagihashi

Top Chef Duels Ep 5: David Burke vs Takashi Yagihashi

Top Chef Duels episode 5, a culinary egg-stravaganza

Top Chef Duels
David Burke vs Takashi Yagihashi

Top Chef Duels contestants David Burke and Takashia Yagihashi both competed on Top Chef Masters and are long-time friends who take the duel to a whole new level.

I’m a bit disappointed there isn’t any real dramatic hook this week on Top Chef Duels. The chefs are bitter arch rivals, nor have they harmed one another during their appearance on Top Chef Masters. There’s no beef, no name calling, and no poking of one another in the stew room, where’s the drama we’ve come to expect from our reality shows?

I do love me some Top Chef Masters, there’s nothing better than watching the big name established chefs become famous for the personalities and not their restaurants. Because of shows like Top Chef Duels and other cooking shows cooking in general has gained the attention of no only media, but the average everyday Joe. Before the Top Chef type shows hit the airwaves, I had no idea what geoduck was or that you could eat something that sounds absolutely disgusting.

Dorco USA

Takashi challenges David with an ingredient for which he is well-known, the egg.

David challenges Takashi with a test based on crab that must be prepared three ways.

The Duel:

Top Chef Duels guest judge Andrew Zimmern offers up some of the most bizarre ingredients for their meal. Having to cook with unfamiliar products will push these Masters to their culinary limits.

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