Word On The Curb: Eddie Cibrian Is Cheating On LeAnn Rimes

Word On The Curb: Eddie Cibrian Is Cheating On LeAnn Rimes


eddiecibrianWord on the curb is that Eddie Cibrian is cheating on LeAnn Rimes, we’ve heard for months now that a disgruntled paparazzo has been peddling pictures of Eddie and his new lady.

This is what TVFishbowl is hearing, the paparazzo was snubbed by LeAnn so they’ve made it their personal mission to get the dirt on LeAnn and Eddie.  They allegedly have been shopping naked pics of Eddie Cibrian and another woman on a beach to all the major tabloids, we’re hearing the asking price is in the high six figures.

Apparently Eddie is cheating with a friend of LeAnn’s who comes from a wealthy family, wealthier than the Hilton’s and Kardashian’s combined.  Eddies new checkbook girl is described as a petite brunette with olive skin and not of American descent.   The alleged new billionairess girlfriend is reported to be pregnant with Eddie’s child and has recently been spotted shopping for mansions homes in the exclusive areas in and around Los Angeles.  

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We reported back in November that LeAnn was trying to save her marriage  by having a baby, something she’s been unable to accomplish, so it wouldn’t surprise us that Eddie would up and leave LeAnn if he managed to infect his new girl with HPV get his new squeeze pregnant.  I’m sure the mega checkbook baby is just icing on the cake for Eddie.

As if things weren’t bad enough for LeAnn a person by the name of Bob Johnstone who is claiming to be a longtime (17-year), friend of LeAnn’s has taken to Twitter to slam the country star for turning her back on him after he suffered “abuse and [had] filth that was thrown” at him for standing by his friend.

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What say you?  Do you believe Eddie has found a new bank girl?  Any ideas who the new ATM lady is? What do you make of Bob Johnstone’s claims?  Is LeAnn’s world falling apart?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  • Jessica

    This is her karma I don’t feel sorry for her. I hope this is true Leann has bully and harass Brandi for years. She has allowed her minions harass Brandi just for simply being alive. Leann has been stalking and playing the victim years Eddie is a dirt bag and they belong together. Brandi has move on and is doing good now she is pathic now she is on twitter . Downgrade Brandi role has the mother of Jake and mason leann is ugly inside and outside. She is finally got her karma

  • ravencurls

    Is this the reason why her label, “curb” records, has shelved her new album? Given the subject matter of the album, how could the release of same overcome the negative publicity of Eddie allowing himself to be “borrowed” once again?

  • Ang123

    Hmmmm….wonder what the weather is like in London today?!?

  • Bob Johnstone

    This is bob Johnstone and I want to set the record straight!! My rant last night was due to severe depression and medications I took. The comments I made were due to my own misguided thoughts and my own overreaction to my paranoia. I love LeAnn Rimes and those words were a mistake and untrue. Its very unfortunate that others make assumptions and want to add fuel to the fire in order to cause more hurt. I deeply regret my post and I apologize to my friend LeAnn.

    • Ang123

      Honey…I feel for ya and hope it works out okay for ya but that came across as a lot of pent up frustration at her. All of the details you spoke about were over time..I am sure she called you, finally, after the rant to get you back to team LR. But obviously that much anger and sadness was caused over time…I really do hope everything works out for you!

      • Bob Johnstone

        I have not spoken with or heard from LeAnn. The fault was mine and mine alone. She did nothing wrong!!! I made a very bad mistake and she did not deserve any of my horrible words.

        • Ang123

          Well again…hope all works out and plz take care of yourself! If I were you I wouldn’t worry about all of this. True friends will be there to support you even if you fall!

    • Al Cove

      Bob, seriously, get real friends, not “celebrities.” Real friends will help out and still ove you when you take medications for depression. Now you’re trying in vain to take back words that she probably doesn’t give two shits about. Maybe therapy will help you deal with your idolatry issues. Sorry, but your favorite “star” is not your best friend or anywhere near it.

      • Ang123

        Thanks for saying what I did not! Hope he gets real help!

    • Sayonna March

      Oh, Leann must have finally called you……so all is forgiven…u dummy….she used u again…

  • SK

    Hmm I thought it was Leann’s brazilian “friend”/assistant but pretty sure she’s not from a billionaire family. Maybe rich, but not that rich. Why would Eddie risk buying a timeshare if his mistress has plenty of money to cover private accommodations?

    If this is referring to T.E. then I would be shocked if it’s true. She’s engaged and planning a big wedding. Not that she couldn’t be messing around, but what possible interest would she have in Eddie? He’s a nobody married to a d-lister. She’s way too hot for him.

    • Ang123

      My guess would be her initials are TE and she is enjoying the London scenery right now….

      • Dana

        Are you thinking it is Tamara Ecclestone ?. Everything I find says she is engaged to be married.

        • Ang123

          Well…all I will say it does seem possible, it appears she met and got engaged in one month to the fiancé and given how upset her father appeared to be about her previous scandal I would think she needed a fiancé to keep papa happy…IMO….who really knows I guess..

  • Anne Lyons

    I don’t believe “Bob” is the bob that wrote this. Anyone cud be bob

  • Justin

    what “not (US) American descent” suppose to mean? as far as I am concern UNITED STATES [the only one correct demonym] is full of blacks and koshers and rarely anyone here is 100% caucasian-Eur that quote really made my day HA! OOHHH wait..! kardashian wealthy?[E! allegedly salaries are FFFFAAAKKKEEE! it’s all lies only for marketing pouposes] Hilton’s? Hilton grand-dad has give away they struggling business revenues to different charities, Paris is in serious debts offshore… soooo? OHHHHH by the way Eddie Cibrian is Bisexual so his EX! not mentioning Brandi is a kike’s arse kisser! LeeAan is just the victim here I KNOW her vicariously some executives who have had deals with her and each and every single one describes her as such a sweet and noble woman

    • http://www.tvfishbowl.com Ed B.

      Ok, fair enough, maybe I should have said not born in the US